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Covered in On Marketing, Forbes’ forum for articles written by thinkers and doers in marketing, advertising and media, Susannah Schaefer offers a call-to-action to social networks to make it just as easy to donate as it is to shop directly on their sites. Ms. Schaefer is the CEO of Smile Train, which provides free corrective surgery for children with cleft lip and palate in developing countries and #72 on Forbes’ list of The 50 Largest U.S. Charities.

It’s Time To Make Not Only Buying, But Giving Across Social Platforms Quicker And Simpler


By Susannah Schaefer | Forbes| 7/17/15

The tech world has been abuzz with Pinterest’s recent foray into e-commerce – the latest in a series of actions by social networks to integrate purchasing power and monetize their platforms. Joining Twitter’s “Buy Now” and Instagram’s “Shop Now” features, Pinterest’s “Buyable Pins” enable consumers to buy items directly on the platform, a departure from its longstanding model of enabling companies and other users to feature products for consumers to draw inspiration from and potentially purchase in the future.

But – as online marketers know too well – the payoff doesn’t always happen. Consumers’ inspiration often stops there, rather than leading to purchase.


Fundraising Using Social Media Should Be Fast and Easy For Everybody

Buying via social channels keeps getting easier to do thanks to the addition of new features by Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. It will help reduce the number of consumers that abandon their purchases midstream because they have to click through too many pages to complete the buying transaction.

Nonprofits face the same issue of losing online donors when it takes multiple steps on multiple platforms to complete a donation.  Contributors who wish to donate from their mobile phone, face even more challenges when they are taken to a payment processing page that is not designed for optimum viewing on a small screen.

Finding A Solution Right Now

Although Ms. Schaeffer challenges the social networks to use their significant reach and technology to make using social media for fundraising as easy as they are making it to buy products right from their platform, it still may take some time before they all implement solutions that will make it easy to do fundraising using social media.

In the meantime, organizations can start overcoming that challenge at least for one social network, by making it possible to add a fundraising tab right on your Facebook page that leads supporters to a mobile-responsive donation or sign-up form, which you can customize to support recurring donations.

gg_fb, fundraising-using-social-media

Plus, with crowdfunding, your supporters can set up, then embed their own personalized donation form and label their Tab with a customized call to action.

kelley-loves-elephants-web, fundraising-using-social-media

Make fundraising using social media fast and easy by embedding a mobile-responsive donation form into your profile giving your supporters the ability to donate to your cause without ever leaving your Facebook page.

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