You want to make the world a better place. You’re dedicated, full of optimism and ready to make a difference. So you decide to work for a nonprofit, where your talents will be appreciated and you’ll get a paycheck to improve our world.

Funny GIFS about the struggles (and rewarding moments) of working at a nonprofit organization


1. Trying to convince friends and family to donate to your organization

Crowdfunding for nonprofits let’s everyone do the talking for you, catapults your org into the 21st century and gains 60% new exposure for your cause.

funny gifs

2. Envelope stuffing

“The Official Flavor of Nonprofits.” Stop licking and start sending digital communications to smartphones.



3. Extraordinary amounts of time filling out paperwork for government grants

An extremely effective task, but what’s the ROI. Consider a recurring gift strategy to increase long term revenues.


4. Chasing people who said they’d donate

You literally dream of automatic donation reminder systems.



5. Spending time asking rich people for money.

Key performance indicators should also include total new donors and recurring givers.



6. Big donations are pretty awesome

You already know 1,000 ways it could make a difference.



7. Everyone’s reaction when you lose out on that grant you were counting on

Looks like it’s time for a new fundraising campaign.



8. Hanging out with friends from the corporate world

Thanks. Thanks, a lot.



9. Marketing and budgets sound so easy

Mobile technologies help you save time, save money and get results.



10. All nighters to organize the annual fundraising event

If only there was a way to increase donations at the gala by 25%.


11. Being reminded of the the good your hard work is accomplishing

And then, it’s back to work.


12. When your organization discovers MobileCause fundraising

Because who doesn’t want to effectively communicate with supporters via mobile devices within minutes to increase donations in less time for less money – with no technological skills required.



By Ana Cardenas, MobileCause Copywriter and Content Manager

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