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“Thanks to MobileCause’s Event Page and it’s easy-to-use modules, we were able to put our event together quickly and in a way that our staff who aren’t tech savvy could really understand.”

– Steve Davis, CEO


When the COVID-19 outbreak first began in early 2020, many nonprofits like Genesis Community Health were forced to halt their in-person fundraising events. Genesis Community Health converted their in-person dinner and meet and greet with HGTV’s Boise Boys, into a fully virtual event just 30 days prior to the event date. They needed a way to know who registered, provide a meal and showcase their entertainment all online.


Genesis’ turned their in-person event into a virtual one, and still found a way to provide a meal and live Q&A with HGTV’s Boise Boys, Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson. The organization reached out to Chick-fil-A for (donated and purchased) gift cards to offer attendees. Genesis asked guests to “purchase” a free ticket so they could track who would be attending and reach out to major donors who had not registered. The ticket form included the option for supporters to  submit a question to the Boise Boys and request a gift card for Chick-fil-A to use on the event night to have a meal while they watched the virtual event. They secured their special guests through sending a request to HGTV corporate and the two stars agreed due to a shared vision of transforming lives (and houses).

Along with their dedicated MobileCause Digital Fundraising Specialist, Genesis Community Health created their Event Page with updated details on their virtual fundraiser. Guests who registered online by “purchasing” a free ticket could opt to receive a gift card in the mail to be used for a meal during the event. This also allowed the organization to contact major donors with a personal invite if they hadn’t already registered. Guests were also allowed to submit questions ahead of time to the Boise Boys to help encourage a live feel to the festivities.

One the day of the fundraiser, Genesis Community Health went live from a local church studio on their Event Page using YouTube. They showcased prominently their progress circle and donor wall both online and during the event to encourage more giving. Videos shown during the event highlighted their mission, services, interviews with beneficiaries and toured their facilities in the community. Genesis CEO, Steven D. Davis, spoke on behalf of the organization, making an impassioned appeal and highlighting their text-to-donate, allowing supporters to give from anywhere. He also thanked and recognized donors and sponsors, which helped inspire giving. The real highlight was when the Boise Boys came to the studio and answered guests’ questions and shared stories of their connection to and admiration of Genesis Community Health.

Genesis Community Health used a MobileCause Event Page to host their virtual dinner with the Boise Boys.


Through the convenience and ease of MobileCause’s online fundraising tools, the expertise of their Digital Fundraising Strategist and the successful virtual fundraising event, Genesis Community Health was able to raise over $35,000 from 173 donors with a fun and unique virtual fundraising event that over 500 guests viewed both within and outside their Idaho community. In fact, they saw a 73% increase in “attendees” and grossed more funds than their in-person benefit the previous year. Thanks to the virtual event, Genesis Community Health can continue to provide much-needed medical services to those at risk during the pandemic and beyond.

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Genesis Community Health

Genesis Community Health’s mission is to provide transitional primary health care, social and spiritual support, to low income, uninsured individuals in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, as an expression of the love of Jesus Christ.

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