Get Donations at a Concert

Concerts and live performances are great opportunities to use text to donate for donor acquisition.

Three Reasons for Mobile Donations at a Concert

1—Text to donate is a quick donation tool and it’s easy to use. Just text the KEYWORD to the short code and click the link.

2—It allows first time donors to make a donation to an organization in less than 1 minute from the convenience of their smartphone.

3—It collects full donor information (email, mobile, address) from the donor through the quick transaction, and allows the organization to keep in touch with the donor and cultivate them over time via mobile messaging.


Best Practices to Receive Mobile Donations at a Concert

Have a celebrity endorser or a highly motivated, and trusted supporter give the call to action and give the simple instructions on how to give

“Text KEYWORD to 41444 and click the link to make a donation with your credit/debit card.”

It’s All About Story Telling!

Be sure to deliver a powerful and compelling live emotional plea just before the call to action. Also be sure to have a large visual aid with call to action instructions. It helps to have an instructional slide that shows how to send the donations from your phone. This is the key  in how to get donations at a concert.

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