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In an article for the Hawaii Tribune, Kirsten Johnson covered the work of Animal Balance, an international animal nonprofit, which provided mobile spay and neutering services on the island of Keaau in the hopes of reducing the number of homeless animal on the Hawaiian island. Ms. Johnson is a reporter at the Hawaii Tribune-Herald a daily broadsheet newspaper in the Hilo-area of Hawaii’s Big Island.

Goin’ mobile; Humane Society gets help from off-island nonprofit

shutterstock_70843789, going mobile helps nonprofits

Kirsten Johnson | Hawaii Tribune-Herald | 02/06/16

UNICEF wants to support innovative programs in a way that goes beyond large grants to nonprofits. This week, it launched an Innovation Fund that will invest — venture-capital style — in a number of startups serving children in developing countries. The agency will put $9 million toward early-stage startups that focus on empowering young people with technology and providing real-time data about underserved populations. UNICEF is also looking to invest in startups that provide the necessary tech infrastructure to support these services.

mobilecause-outlook, going mobile helps nonprofitsHow Going Mobile Helps Nonprofits Dedicated To Helping Animals with Fundraising and Communications

Animal Balance’s and the Hawaii Island Humane Society’s traveling animal surgical hospital is a literal example of how going mobile helps nonprofits who are in the business of helping animals. However, even though they were able to perform over 300 surgeries on the island of Keaau, the program, which is funded mainly by grants, donations and help from volunteers still has a long way to go. Here’s where a different interpretation of going mobile would be able to help.

Animal care organizations who are leveraging the power of mobile-first fundraising and communication solutions are finding innovative ways to achieve their goals in order to better serve their furry, feathery and sometimes slimy beneficiaries.  A few examples of how going mobile helps nonprofits include using crowdfunding to increase recurring gifts, strengthening donor relationships with mobile communications and making it easy for donors to give from any device.

MobileCause case studies demonstrate how going mobile helps nonprofits to engage and acquire new donors, gain recurring gifts from new and existing donors, all while reducing the time it takes to complete administrative tasks and by lowering the cost of fundraising.

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