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In his article for Business 2 Community, author, Simon Bailey looks at advertisers will be affected by Google mobile algorithm and AdWords updates and will need to focus their marketing on mobile options. Simon Bailey is the CEO of Axonix, a UK company which helps app developers and mobile publishers maximize their ad revenues.  Business 2 Community covers breaking news and top trends in Social Media, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Selling, Social Business and More.

Why Google’s Move Towards Mobile Should Be A Call To Action For Marketers

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By Simon Bailey | Business 2 Community | 6/15/15

Google’s recent mobile algorithm and AdWords announcements reiterate what many of us in the industry have been saying for a while – mobile is here and it’s here to stay. The company’s latest algorithm update, christened as “mobilegeddon”, means that mobile-oriented sites are now prioritized in their search results. Meanwhile it also introduced a raft of updates to its AdWords service, which it says will improve users’ mobile experiences by making its ads more interactive by basing them on swiping navigation rather than clicks.

Clearly, mobile can no longer be a second thought. Forty percent of people now consider their phone to be their most important information resource, and Google is acknowledging that a vast number of its users will be coming to websites on their phones, so will be rewarding the sites that serve a mobile option from the outset. What will consumers being driven more to mobile-oriented sites, mean for mobile marketing budgets? The challenge of “how to crack the mobile advertising strategy” has established itself as a perennial thorn in marketers’ sides, and the move to prioritize mobile websites by Google is a step in increasing the pressure on brands to optimize their mobile ad strategy.


Mobilegeddon Is Here To Stay

The most recent Google mobile update, a.k.a. Mobilegeddon, took effect in April and changed how many organizations thought about their online presence, specifically on mobile phones and smartphones. As the article by Simon Bailey points out, mobile can no longer be a second thought.

Google, the largest search engine on earth, with over 88% of search market share, finally began to acknowledge mobile’s importance and acted to make mobile-friendly sites a priority in search results. Another element of the Google mobile updates is changes to AdWords to make the user experience more interactive utilizing swiping navigation instead of clicks. Both of these Google mobile updates are being made to provide a better mobile experience for people searching online and to give them exactly what they want.

What Google Mobile Updates Mean to You

When you consider that there is a 96% mobile phone adoption for adults in the United Stated with 60% of online searches happening on mobile phones, you start to quickly get why the Google mobile update is important to nonprofits. In order to ensure that you can get found by potential donors and other supporters, your strategy must include a mobile-optimized website and donation pages that look and function as great on a smartphone as they do on a computer.

Also, if you are paying for online advertising, you will need to have different ad sizes and delivery methods required by mobile technology. Not to mention that you will need to take into consideration that the person looking at your ad is on the go, not sitting stationary at a desk so whatever interaction you want them to have with your ad must reflect that.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Mobile

The standards of optimization for Google mobile content means visitors to your website and fundraising pages must be able to read the text without tapping and zooming on their phone screens and must be able to see all of your content without having to scroll horizontally. To successfully target and reach your audience, you will need to use mobile for mobile technologies that deliver a mobile relevant experience, or risk falling behind.

The good news is that a number of powerful solutions like crowdfunding and text to donate are available to you right now to help you raise more money at a lower cost with limited time and few resources. Our cloud-based fundraising platform can have you up and running in just hours with no technical skills required and zero transaction fees for donations.

Successfully reach the 75% of potential donors and other supporters who search online before they donate with a mobile-optimized and donation pages.

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