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Grow Donations for Your Cause by Putting Your Heart into Every Appeal

Oona McGee‘s story for Japanese-language news blog, RocketNews24, of a loving husband who spent 2 years planting thousands of flowers so his blind wife would cheer up is spreading like wildfire (or shall we say wild flowers) online proving how something simple can grow when you put your heart into it. A writer for RocketNews24, Ms. McGee lives in Tokyo and is a self-proclaimed lover of food, travel, theatre, art and culture.

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Trending News | Oona McGee | Rocket News 24 | 02/16/2016

Man creates a glorious garden of scented flowers to make his blind wife smile again

In Shintomi Town in Miyazaki Prefecture, there’s a beautiful tourist spot that blooms in spring with a carpet of pink flowers called shibazakura, or moss phlox. What makes the site most unusual, however, is the fact that it’s a private residence, and the reason that up to 7,000 people visit on any given day from late March to April is not entirely because of the gorgeous flowers. It’s because of the touching love story that brought the garden into existence.

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Insider Outlook | Katie Keating | Senior Customer Success Manager

Grow Donations with a Heartfelt Plea that Moves Your Donors to Take Action for Your Cause

It goes without saying that a main goal of all nonprofit efforts throughout the year is to grow donations to fulfill their mission. One way to do that is by citing statistics and facts when reaching out to engage supporters. Logic alone, however, may not be the most effective way to influence a positive outcome.

Mr. Kuroki’s story demonstrates the amazing things that can happen when one’s heart is put into even the simplest of efforts, like planting some flowers. A simple flower-planting effort turned out to be a wondrous testament of love that draws nearly 7,000 visitors per day.

Leverage the great power that comes from connecting on an emotional level each time you ask donors to support your organization, especially as you start sending out communications for your upcoming spring fundraising events. Customize your mobile-friendly event registration and donation forms with inspirational images and message that will motivate them to respond so you can grow donations for your cause.

Summary: Increase your ability to grow donations for your upcoming spring fundraising events by engaging and inspiring supporters to follow their heart with well-crafted messaging and inspirational images across every element of your donor outreach.

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