For Habitat for Humanity Mobile Giving

Mobile Messaging has 99% open rates and is the easiest way to keep people engaged. Mobile Donations take less than 60 seconds and are the most convenient way for people to give.

1—Mobile Subscriptions

Display a mobile subscription form on a tablet at ReStores to join VIP program for discounts.


2—Team Fundraising

Setup peer to peer fundraising for each housing project for team fundraising.


3—Coordinate Volunteers

Coordinate volunteers with mobile messaging updates, alerts and reminders.


4—Send Thank You’s

Send thank you mobile messages to donors and volunteers with links to videos of completed projects and families.

5—Easy Online Giving

Online Giving from a mobile device is an easy way for volunteers and staff to receive donations in the field.


6—Save Time

Mobile Messaging saves hours of time when compared to direct mail and email.

7—Event Fundraising

Fundraising Thermometer and use mobile pledging at galas and events to create a dynamic giving experience and receive maximum donations from attendees.


8—Validate Mobile Numbers and Strengthen Records

Upload databases of donors and volunteers to validate mobile numbers, append smart data and send invitations.

Daniel ScalisiBy Daniel Scalisi, Founder/ EVP Sales & Market Development

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