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Let Your Phone Tell You When You’re Near Where Women Made History

By Kiran Umapathy | PSFK Labs| 7/06/15

Sensing a historic lack of recognition when it comes to women’s accomplishments, SPARK Movement has created a project called Women on the Map to help honor more extraordinary achievements from women.

Women on the Map is part of Google’s Field Trip app, which allows users to discover unique and hidden facts on anything from local history to the best places to shop, eat and have fun. Under the Historic Places and Events section, users can select the Women On The Map source to browse important contributions in history by women or be alerted by haptic feedback when they approach a location where a woman has made history.

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History And Technology Putting Your Organization On The Map

In a time when today’s latest news streams endlessly from our mobile devices, our recollection of historical people and events tends to get lost in the past. But what if history and technology could merge to make that past come to life on your phone.

Women on the Map, a collaborative project between The SPARK Movement and Google’s Field Trip app, puts the unique contributions and extraordinary historical achievements from women of note right at your fingertips. As you stand on the very spot where history was made, mobile technology communicates the story of how these notable women made their mark.

History Repeats Itself, Your Donors Should Too

Using mobile communication, your organization can communicate with ALL of your supporters with text messages that can include links to engaging storytelling videos, which help you strengthen your donor relationships and encourage recurring donations over time.

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Your mobile message campaign could contain valuable content such as:

  • facts about your cause
  • updates on a mission, project or program
  • a link to a Thank You video
  • links to testimonial videos
  • links to a petition
  • event information
  • behind-the-scenes looks at fundraising event preparation or just a typical day in your org’s office
  • last minute changes
  • volunteer information and sign-up opportunities

Another benefit of mobile communications is that unlike email or direct mail, text messages cost nothing to send and have a 99% open rate.  That means that almost every single mobile message that your organization sends out will be clicked on by your supporters.  And 90% of them would typically be read within 3 minutes.

Connecting the History and Technology Dots

Mobile messaging allows you stay connected to those donors in a very personal way. Whether it is history alerts, event registration or donating to your organization, if your supporters have had a great experience with mobile messaging from your organization, they will welcome repeated mobile interaction in the future.

Promote mobile responsive donation pages over email, text and social media to make it as easy as possible for supporters to set up recurring gifts from their smartphone.

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