Holiday Donation Ideas

During the holiday season, many workplaces consider giving back to their local communities. It’s a festive time of year and it lends itself to fundraising efforts. Whether it’s a toy drive, volunteering or fundraising for a specific charity, there are countless holiday donation ideas companies can use to get their employees involved through the end of the year. Corporate giving certainly doesn’t have to be boring, especially in the mobile age.

Some common holiday donation ideas include allowing employees to wear jeans for the day if they make a small gift, special parties and days when food or beverages are offered. Providing incentives can help get more people involved. For example, you can host a relaxation day and bring in a massage therapist for people who have contributed to a campaign, The Alzheimer’s Association suggested. If there are fun elements or seasonal treats as part of holiday donation ideas, more employees will likely participate.


holiday donation ideas

Use Mobile Donations to Encourage Participation

While hosting fun events is only one part of a successful corporate giving strategy, it takes a little more preparation to meet your goals. However, the way to make workplace fundraising efforts take off may be at your fingertips. Nearly every adult has a smartphone these days, and mobile donations make it simple for workers to participate. The easier a campaign is to join, the more likely employees are to make a donation.

With mobile fundraising, employees text a keyword to a designated phone number, and they are sent a link to a mobile-responsive donation page. Individuals can then fill in their payment information. The whole process only takes a few seconds and donation completion rates grow as a result. Incomplete pledgers are automatically sent three reminder texts to fulfill their donations.

Match Donations to Double Your Impact

If you really want to encourage a significant portion of your employees to participate in holiday donation ideas, offering to match donations is one of the best ways to encourage people to give. This doubles the impact of your campaign, and if you express this to employees, their contribution rate increases because they feel their donation will make more of a difference with the match. If you have a specific fundraising goal in mind, this is a quick way to reach it. Updates via mobile messaging and email can also be sent to everyone in the office to track how close to the goal you are. Goal tracking and real-time thermometers have proven to encourage additional new – and even second – donations. Remind supporters to inquire about valuable employee match programs within their workplace.

There are many holiday donation ideas for corporate campaigns, but mobile devices should be seen as a crucial component for the success of these initiatives.

Holiday Donation Ideas CEOBy Sean MacNeill, MobileCause CEO


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