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In his article for AdWeek, Tim Nudd reported on how instead of just filming an ad to promote their new store on 5th Avenue in Nye York City, Microsoft used the opportunity to spread the spirit of the holiday season to Apple employees in a moving gesture of peace and goodwill.

Microsoft Makes Peace With Apple in a Holiday Stunt That’s Surprisingly Sweet Harmony on 5th Avenue

By Tim Nudd | AdWeek | 6/1/15

Having weathered plenty of Microsoft attacks over the years—including the well-known Windows Phone spots that mercilessly mocked Siri—Apple might have had reason to feel skeptical, perhaps even hostile, when it saw dozens of Microsoft employees approaching its 5th Avenue store in New York City back on Nov. 16. But Microsoft, it turns out, was coming in peace—to film a holiday spot about overcoming acrimony and embracing harmony and togetherness.


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Instead of their typical competition for a piece of the consumer technology pie, for a brief, but a heartwarming moment, Microsoft and Apple employees put rivalries aside to create a corporate partnership of goodwill and shared holiday joy proving to the world, that it’s not always about the money.

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