In her latest article via Trend Hunter, Alyson Wyers lays out Project WeHope Founder Paul Bains crowdfunding campaign to provide mobile shower and laundry facilities for the homeless in San Mateo, California. Project WeHOPE is an acronym for We Help Other People Excel devoted to helping others overcome the critical issues facing homelessness and poverty.

Crowdfunding: How Your Nonprofit Can Get Started

By Alyson Wyers | Posted February 10, 2015 | Trend Hunter

In an effort to restore some dignity to the homeless population, Project WeHOPE offers mobile shower and laundry facilities. Based in San Mateo, California, the homeless non-profit organization is crowdfunding its facilities. The custom trailer will come with showers, washers and dryers as well as bathrooms.

mobilecause-outlookProject WeHOPE, based in Northern California, is crowdfunding for trailers equipped with washing machines, dryers and accessible shower facilities that serve the local homeless community. A shower and clean clothes are things most people take for granted. They are not always accessible to the homeless though.

The cycle of poverty and homelessness is perpetuated without the opportunity to arrive at a job interview with a clean and professional appearance. One shower is the difference between remaining on the streets and the chance to seek employment.

Crowdfunding a project like this gives the community a chance to collectively make a difference. Project WeHOPE hosts events, like dodgeball tournaments and fashion shows, to raise funds for these trailers as well.

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