The DailyMail.com reports on the amazing story of Donald Gould, a homeless man who caught the social media world’s attention after a passerby recorded him playing a community piano on the streets of Sarasota, Florida.  The viral video made him an overnight sensation helping to drive donations to a crowdfunding set up by a fan on his behalf.  The DailyMail.com features pop culture stories being discussed, questioned, commented on or rumored in the US.

Homeless man who became overnight internet sensation with his amazing piano playing skills turns his life around thanks to $40,000 crowdfunding donations

By Paul Sawers | VentureBeat| 7/13/15

  • Donald Gould, 51, is homeless but he was once in the U.S. Marine Corps and he studied music education in Michigan
  • Gould developed an addiction problem after his wife died suddenly in 1998 and he lost custody of their 3-year-old son
  • After playing a community piano in downtown Sarasota he became an internet sensation and may get a job playing at a piano bar

Florida homeless man who recently won national fame after a video of his amazing piano playing went viral has been given the opportunity to turn his life around.

Fans of Sarasota’s Donald Gould created a GoFundMe page that raised $40,000 in just eight days with the goal of helping the trained musician get back on his feet.

Gould’s touching musicianship already helped him reconnect with his long lost son and on Thursday the 51-year-old revealed he’s entering a rehab program where he can start to get his life back in order following years of substance abuse that began with the death of his wife in 1998.


Homeless Man Who Became Famous Online Is Finally On His Way to A New and Better Life

The YouTube video featuring a homeless Donald Gould playing piano on a Sarasota, Florida sidewalk was the catalyst that set in motion the news coverage, social media activity and the crowdfunding campaign that are now helping him start to turn his life around.

The popularity of the video of the homeless man who became famous also impacted the GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign that was set up on Donald’s behalf, helping to raise $40,000 within the first 8 days.

Social Media Can Strengthen Your Fundraising Efforts

Donald’s story is one example of how social media has helped someone raise money for a good cause. Your organization should be leveraging the power of social media to help you connect to your supporters, provide outlets to recruit new donors and strengthen all of your fundraising efforts.

Crowdfunding campaigns are helping worthy causes, like Donald Gould, make positive changes.  They are easy for your supporters to set up in just a few minutes without any special technical knowledge and can yield great results, especially when boosted by social media.

Mobilize Your Social Media and Crowdfunding Efforts

Mobile amplifies the power of social media-supported crowdfunding for nonprofit organizations.  MobileCause crowdfunding empowers your supporters to easily set up and share their fundraising pages with their social network of colleagues, friends and family from any device and allows your organization to see who has donated and who is fundraising in real-time.

homeless man who became famous

65% of social media activity happens on a mobile device so make sure you are linking to mobile responsive crowdfunding pages from your social media posts to empower supporters to donate from their smartphones. 

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