In a recent post on Jeff Bullas’ website, Juan Jose Mendez gives you tips on how to nail your next video script and mistakes to avoid. Juan is a writer on Jeffbullas.com who specializes in video creation and marketing. Jeff Bullas is a well known content marketing expert and author who helps businesses get found online.

How to Nail Your Next Video Script (Plus 3 Mistakes to Avoid)


By JeffBullas.com Juan Jose Mendez | 7/15/15

Facebook has caught on.
With over 1 billion users they know how we consume content better than anyone.
And video matters.
Video matters so much that Facebook want it in your stream more than any other form of content.
The push towards video marketing is so prevalent that it’s created a fork in the road for all marketers.

effective nonprofit video script

Writing A Great Nonprofit Video Script to Emotionally Engage Donors

If your nonprofit is like all others, much of your time is spent on gaining more donors and increasing fundraising for your cause. An effective way to get your message across to a large audience, is by using online videos that can be easily shared on your website, via email and on your organization’s social media pages to increase awareness for your cause while expanding your overall reach.

If you are lucky enough that your video goes viral, like the “Ice Bucket Challenge” did last summer, you can capture the public’s attention by moving them emotionally and motivating them to get involved.

Scripting For the Success of Your Nonprofit Organization

The foundation for producing a great video is making sure you have a quality script to work from. Without one, the result may not be as impactful, and your efforts will miss their mark. An important guideline to follow is to avoid general information about your organization. Instead, tell the personal story of someone your nonprofit is helping or feature a specific important event to help potential donors connect to your nonprofit on an emotional level.

For example, Wildlife SOS‘ video tells the moving story of Raju, the elephant who spent the first 50 years of his life in chained enslavement, the courageous and clandestine rescue and the great care that he is receiving giving him a new chance at happiness. Raju’s story pulls at people’s heartstrings and inspires them to donate to support his release, ongoing care and the organization’s outreach efforts to rescue other animals in need.

The video also does a terrific job of explaining Wildlife SOS’s cause and how they are spending donations, which positively influences viewers to donate, volunteer, or become a supporter.

Structure Your Nonprofit Video Script To Answer 3 Basic Questions

1. What is your nonprofit fundraising for. Whether it is for an elephant in chains, a homeless shelter or for a terminal illness, your cause needs to be easily understood by the viewer.

2. How is your nonprofit going to resolve the issue. This is also your chance to present how your organization overcomes challenges to solve problems and “save the day”. 

3. Why should the viewer donate to your cause when there are so many different worthy nonprofits to which they can donate their money. Your nonprofit video script should articulate your mission, including what you will be doing with the donor’s contribution.

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Your Nonprofit Video Script

1. Don’t make your script is too long. Keep it brief, keep it simple.

2. Don’t focus too much on the brand. Tell an engaging story of the impact you’re making.

3. Don’t link to non-mobile donation forms. Most people will view your video on their phone.

65% of social media activity, including video watching, happens on a mobile device so make sure your website, donation pages and forms are mobile friendly.  

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