How to Host a Virtual Golf Tournament Fundraiser


If you are looking to create an in-person fundraising event in the time of COVID-19, a virtual golf tournament may be a perfect solution for you! 

By nature, golf is a sport designed for social distancing. The rules limit groups to four or fewer players and players have no reason to ever be within six feet of one another, if they don’t want to be. And with other sporting activities off limits  for the time being, many individuals are eager to get out of the house and tee it up according to experts. So, if your nonprofit has had to cancel a gala, luncheon, 5K run, or other traditional in-person fundraising event, a golf tournament is a great alternative. If your nonprofit traditionally holds a golf tournament, you may be interested in turning portions of the event into a virtual event. 

Either way, we share seven proven tips to help you turn your nonprofit’s golf tournament into a virtual fundraising event. We hope these help your nonprofit raise more money and connect with new donors in a unique way during these socially distanced and difficult times.

7 Tips for Hosting a Virtual Golf Tournament Fundraiser

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1. Hold the Tournament Over a Specific Date Range

By holding the tournament over a couple of weeks, you give participants the flexibility to play when it’s convenient and safe to do so. Don’t be afraid to negotiate a good rate with the golf course. Explain the event is for your charity that needs support during these difficult times and that you’ll also promote their course amongst your supporters.


Allow players to particpate within a range of dates for the tournament.

2. Sell Tickets Online

Online ticketing can reduce the pains of trying to work around social distancing restrictions. This will limit contact between your staff, volunteers and supporters. After selling tickets, supporters will be sent a copy of their ticket with a scannable QR code they can scan at the course. By selling tickets online you also have the added benefit of capturing more information about supporters, including their phone number, email address, and more.

Include ticketing as part of your virtual golf tournament

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3. Incorporate an Online Sponsorship Form

With most non-essential employees working from home, it can be difficult to schedule meetings with potential sponsors. Using an online sponsorship form makes it easy to share sponsorship packages with new supporters virtually. Within the promotional materials, be clear what recognition sponsors will receive such as their logo on your website, or a press release template for their own website.

A sponsorship form provides a digital way to collect sponsors during times of social distancing.

4. Live Stream the Fundraising Tournament (or Portions of the Tournament)

You do not need to live stream the entire tournament. Many organizations only capture moments such as the golf ball drop, shotgun start and winners announcement. After the final date of the tournament, post scores to your website and/or social media feeds and announce a livestream date when you’ll acknowledge winners. Many nonprofits livestream the tournament from their Event Page to Facebook and/or YouTube Live. If you need guidance with live streaming software, we recommend you download our free Tech Setup Guide for Virtual Fundraising Events.

5. Encourage Participants to Share on Social Media

Create a hashtag participants can use to share on their own social media accounts. Within your promotional materials ask players to post their games on social media with a branded hashtag. The hashtag can be a combination of your organization’s name and the tournament’s name or simply your organization’s name with Golf, similarly to Tree House Hope’s #THGolfforHope hashtag.

Ask supporters to include a persoanlized hashtag apart of their campaign.

6. Incorporate a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Page

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a multi-tiered approach to crowdfunding. Players can sign-up and create personal fundraising pages. They share their campaign through their own personal social networks, expanding your organization’s reach to new donors. Incorporate fundraising challenges into the virtual golf tournament.

Peer-to-peer fundraising spreads your mission to supporters social networks.

7. Include Text-to-Donate Instructions

Within each digital and print promotion, include text-to-donate instructions. This will make it easy for supporters to donate whether they’re at home, on the go or at the course playing in the tournament.

Include text-to-donate instructions in your promotional graphics.

COVID-19 has left many nonprofits looking for fundraising alternatives in 2020. We hope these tips provide you some guidance for creating a virtual golf tournament or other virtual fundraising event. If you need additional assistance planning a virtual fundraising event, I recommend you check out our Ultimate Virtual Fundraising Events Resource Center.

Corey Blake
Digital Fundraising Strategist


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