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Hurricane Matthew continues to batter north Florida after skirting the southern part of the state and being downgraded to a Category 3 storm. Officials are continuing to stress the danger posed by the storm. On Thursday, 1.5 million Florida residents living in evacuation zones were urged to leave the area immediately. Over 100 shelters have been opened from south to central Florida. In south Florida over 600,000 residents are without power. Fortunately, nonprofits across the country can help.

How can your organization get involved?

In times like these, your organization has a vital role to play in helping the people affected by this storm. Time is of the essence, so the quicker you can take action, the better. You can always contact MobileCause directly for specific guidance, but this list of resources will help you start making an impact immediately.

Emergency Messaging

Spreading information is of critical importance during potentially life-threatening disasters such as Hurricane Matthew. If you have information that people need, or want to update your supporters about your efforts, create a mobile marketing campaign. Have people text in a keyword to receive information or simply upload a list of existing numbers and subscribe them yourself (nonprofits have special TCPA permission to do this!). Some examples of information that can help:

  • Shelter locations
  • Emergency contact information
  • Preparedness instructions
  • Evacuation information


Set up a crowdfunding campaign to let people create their own fundraising pages to aid disaster relief efforts. Crowdfunding is best for community engagement—your cause’s campaign can easily be shared across social media, and people can simply send a text to access the donation form right on their mobile device cell phone. See an example here.

You can start raising funds immediately by creating a keyword, setting up a donation form, and sharing your campaign through email, text, and social media, as well as traditional channels.

Text HCMATT to 51555 or go to mcause.us/hcmatt to see an example

Request a Demo Now. You Can Be Up and Fundraising Today!

MobileCause will pay all credit card fees on the first $10K raised to help with Hurricane Matthew Relief efforts.

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