Raise money quickly and easily for hurricane victims

Raise money quickly and easily for hurricane victims

Offer Hurricane Relief Efforts Quickly

Hurricanes continue to devastate parts of the country after making landfall as some of the largest Category 5 hurricanes. Officials are continuing to stress the danger posed by the storms. Today, millions of residents need shelters and thousands more are being rescued from rising floods. Those impacted need help, and lots of it. They are seeking shelter, food, water, clothing, diapers, animal care and are looking for hope to re-build their communities. Fortunately, support for hurricane relief is being mobilized around the country.

Looking for ways that you and your organization can get help to victims quickly? Get started with these top disaster relief fundraising ideas:

Text to donate

Empower individuals from around the world to give in seconds from the convenience of their mobile device. After hearing your call to action via radio, tv, social media, and online individuals simply text your KEYWORD to 91999. Donors immediately receive a reply text message with link to donate with a credit/debit card. Donors who do not click the link to fulfill their donation receive 3 automatic text message reminders within a defined period. On average donation fulfillment is 87% after a keyword has been texted.

Average text-to-give donation sizes per channel:

Radio and television: $65
Social media: $25
Live event: $107
Event with thermometer: $187

Text "HCMATT" to 51555 to support hurricane relief efforts

Emergency text messaging

Sharing information is of critical importance during life-threatening disasters such as hurricanes. If you have information that people need, or want to update your supporters about your efforts, create a mobile marketing campaign. Have people text in a keyword to receive information or simply upload a list of existing numbers and subscribe them yourself (nonprofits have special TCPA permission to do this!).

Some examples of information that can help:

Shelter locations
Emergency contact information
Preparedness instructions
Evacuation information


Crowdfunding is a great way to expand your hurricane relief efforts quickly. Engaging the community in times of need and providing ways to share your cause’s campaign through social media can make a huge impact. You can simply send a text to supporters, sending a link to a donation form to offer the ability to donate right from their mobile device. You can also enable supporters to set-up their own crowdfunding campaign to aid hurricane relief efforts within their friends and family networks.

Support an Existing Hurricane Relief Fund

In times like these, your organization plays a vital role in helping local communities devastated by natural disasters. Time is of the essence, so the quicker you can take action, the better. Support these (and many other) organizations who have helped victims get support quickly:

Animal Defense League of Texas

Your donation to the Animal Defense League of Texas will immediately impact the lives of the thousands of dogs and cats impacted by providing needed medical care, food, shelter, and safety.

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United Way of Greater Houston

As our region faces another storm, United Way is here to coordinate our community’s response and make sure the most vulnerable have the help they need. Year round, United Way invests in our community’s first responders, so they can act quickly when a disaster threatens.

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YMCA of Greater Houston

If you would like to be a part of the YMCA’s relief efforts, text the word HOUSTON to 91999 to make a donation. Your support will help us provide the families and individuals who come to YMCA with their basic needs in this time of crisis.

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Operation BBQ Relief

Operation BBQ Relief is mobilizing assets and securing resources to address the impending destruction that currently is in the path of Hurricane Harvey. We are prepared to feed the first responders and people affected by this monster storm.

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Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA), the official domestic relief agency of the U.S. Catholic Church, needs your support to ensure the delivery of compassionate care and support to individuals affected by disasters. Our agencies provide essential support before, during and after disasters hit. In fact, long-term recovery is an integral part of Catholic Charities’ holistic approach and we work tirelessly to ensure individuals can live their lives with the dignity we all deserve.

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We’re Here to Help

To support organizations that are rallying hurricane relief efforts, MobileCause is here to help. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, we understand your first concern is serving your community. MobileCause accommodates all types of fundraising: from text to donate, online donations, and crowdfunding and peer-to-peer campaigns. Additionally, we can assist with crisis communications.

Nonprofit organizations have looked to MobileCause to provide real-time updates to their constituencies when power is compromised and people are displaced. Mobile text capabilities can be your most effective form of communication.

If you’re working to assist those affected by the disaster, our Digital Marketing Services team can help setup a donation form or communications campaign for you quickly. Contact to help get you started.

Start Now

Start raising funds for hurricane relief immediately by creating a keyword, setting up a donation form, and sharing your campaign through email, text, and social media, as well as traditional channels.

Peer-to-peer fundraising statistics:

Less than 5 minutes to setup a page
$612 average raised by individuals
5 of 8 donors are new to organizations

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