Raise money quickly and easily for hurricane victims

Raise money quickly and easily for hurricane victims

Offer Hurricane Relief Efforts Quickly

As Hurricane Florence batters the coast of the Carolinas, the safety and security of millions of residents are the foremost concern. After the storm passes, helping affected residents and enabling swift recovery will be critical. We want to help you raise donations and get funds to those affected by the hurricane quickly and easily.

Our team is ready to:

  • Set up a text-to-donate keyword and texting short code: Create a specific keyword for hurricane relief efforts and easy to recall 5-digit short code.
  • Create a hurricane relief donation page:Set-up and promote a donation page embedded on your website to quickly drive online giving.
  • Develop text updates & alerts:Internet service may be limited, but you can text updates and alerts about giving drives, volunteer sign ups, temporary shelter locations, etc. to your supports and those who need assistance.

We are on standby to help with fundraising and communications support for your organization.Contact us for help

Text to donate

Enable individuals from around the world to give in seconds from the convenience of their mobile device. Using a keyword (RELIEF) and a shortcode (51555), you can generate greater support with an easy to recall Text-to-Donate campaign.

Text "HCMATT" to 51555 to support hurricane relief efforts

Emergency text messaging

Sharing information is of critical importance during life-threatening disasters such as hurricanes. If you have information that people need, or want to update your supporters about your efforts, create a mobile marketing campaign. Have people text in a keyword to receive information or simply upload a list of existing numbers and subscribe them yourself (nonprofits have special TCPA permission to do this!).

Some examples of information that can help:

Shelter locations
Emergency contact information
Preparedness instructions
Evacuation information


Crowdfunding is a great way to expand your hurricane relief efforts quickly. Engaging the community in times of need and providing ways to share your cause’s campaign through social media can make a huge impact. You can simply send a text to supporters, sending a link to a donation form to offer the ability to donate right from their mobile device. You can also enable supporters to set-up their own crowdfunding campaign to aid hurricane relief efforts within their friends and family networks.

We’re Here to Help

To support organizations that are rallying hurricane relief efforts, MobileCause is here to help. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, we understand your first concern is serving your community. MobileCause accommodates all types of fundraising: from text to donate, online donations, and crowdfunding and peer-to-peer campaigns. Additionally, we can assist with crisis communications.

Nonprofit organizations have looked to MobileCause to provide real-time updates to their constituencies when power is compromised and people are displaced. Mobile text capabilities can be your most effective form of communication.

If you’re working to assist those affected by the disaster, our Digital Marketing Services team can help setup a donation form or communications campaign for you quickly. Contact [email protected] to help get you started.

The safety and security of millions of residents after a natural disaster are the foremost concern.  Helping affected residents and enabling swift recovery afterwards will be critical. Download this infographic to get your fundraising and communication efforts underway quickly.

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