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Hybrid Fundraising Event Ideas for Summer


With COVID cases declining in some places and vaccinations rising, your nonprofit may be able to shift back into hosting in-person events this spring and summer. Taking what you learned from your success with virtual events this past year, you may be interested in hosting hybrid in-person and virtual events to maximize your fundraising results. Here are a few examples of in-person fundraising events you can turn into hybrid virtual and in-person events in 2021:


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Runs and walks are the perfect fundraising events to host both in-person and virtually, especially if your community still has limits on the number of individuals allowed to gather in public places. You can easily provide the option to register to participate in-person or at home. Consider having different price points where participants can receive swag like event shirts, water bottles, etc. Be sure to provide concrete instructions on how to participate virtually, such as setting a time period of when to run or walk. Provide a place to submit time results and encourage all participants to share photos on their personal social media profiles with a hashtag that makes searching and sharing easy.

While the competitive element of your run/walk may rely on strength and speed in-person, adding a peer-to-peer fundraising component for your virtual runners and walkers helps keep the friendly competition going in the virtual space. Give all registrants the opportunity to sign up and create their own fundraising page to raise funds for your cause leading up to the event.

Galas, Breakfasts and Luncheons

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While virtually streaming your gala, breakfast or luncheon was the only option for the past year or so, it is now almost a requisite for all nonprofits to have a streaming option for these events. By streaming, you’re making them accessible to those who may be homebound or unable to travel to the venue as well as for those who are not quite ready to be in a room full of people. If your events are typically exclusive, you can still require registration with or without a fee and have a private Event Page for virtual attendees to tune into the event.

Day of Giving

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A Day of Giving campaign is all about celebrating your organization and bringing attention to your mission and cause. And now, with in-person events becoming possible, you may consider incorporating elements that allow you to celebrate your Day of Giving with your supporters face-to-face. If you are a university or school, rally your students together for on-campus events to bring attention to the campaign and why you’re fundraising. For other organizations, you may consider some type of local event to give donors the opportunity to give in-person.

However, you’ll want to also make it easy to support your Day of Giving virtually. Creating an Event Page or crowdfunding campaign will allow your organization to share many places online and expand your reach. With your Day of Giving, you want to promote your fundraising campaign everywhere you can and continuously throughout the day. Using the hybrid option of in-person events and virtual fundraising will ensure you reach the widest possible audience.

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Conferences & Panel Discussions

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If your organization holds informative events like Conferences and Panel discussions, consider making those hybrid events moving forward. Similar to a Gala event, you can include registration options for virtual attendance or in-person. While you may be limited to the number of guests that can attend in-person, you can stream the conference or panel discussion to cater to a larger virtual audience.

Use your virtual tools to allow a virtual audience to ask questions and become active participants in your conference and panel discussions. When fundraising, incorporate a text-to-donate keyword to allow people to support both in-person and virtually.

Hybrid in-person/virtual events enable you to market your campaign beyond your immediate physical community and to those who may not be able to afford to attend an in-person event. As you work to incorporate in-person events back into your fundraising plans, try including a hybrid element to help expand your reach and bring in new donors.

Sarah Baker
Digital Marketing Strategist


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