The Business Insider’s Pamela Engel covered the breaking story about 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed who was arrested for bringing a homemade electronic clock to school sparked the viral #IStandWithAhmed campaign over social media and news media. Engel is a reporter covering breaking news and crime for the Business Insider, an American business, celebrity and technology news website.

This 14-year-old was arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school because it ‘looked like a bomb’

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By Pamela Engel | The Business Insider | 9/16/15

Ahmed Mohamed likes to make electronics as a hobby, and he said that when he was showing his new project to teachers he made it clear that it was a clock. When the clock, which Ahmed put inside his school bag, beeped in the middle of an English class, Ahmed brought it to his teacher, who reportedly told him it looked like a bomb, according to Ahmed. The teacher confiscated the clock, and Ahmed was later yanked out of class by the school’s principal and a police officer. The police are now considering charging Ahmed with making a hoax bomb, the newspaper reported. “No, I never said anything about, ‘I have a bomb,'” he added. “Never.” He said the interrogation “made me feel like I wasn’t human — it made me feel like a criminal.” After the Morning News published its article about Ahmed, the story started getting shared on social media. There is now a hashtag, #IStandWithAhmed, in support of the student.

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I Stand With Ahmed: Support Pours In On Social Media, Including An Invitation From President Obama

When 14-year-old inventor and robotics student, Ahmad Mohamed, brought his homemade electronic clock to school to show his teacher, he never imagined he would be arrested. But with public invitations across social media from President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg for Ahmed to show off his electrical device for measuring time, we’re certain the only answer to “What time is it?” is “Time for change.”   i stand with ahmed Ahmed’s story was covered by the local news and posted to social media. The resounding support for Ahmed’s inspiring curiosity to create went viral too. #IStandWithAhmed is trending and has been all day. i stand with ahmed i stand with ahmed The hashtag is not only an engaging call-to-action to support Ahmed, but also a common link between the growing conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram over the bigger issues at hand. Through the use of a targeted hashtag in your social posts, your organization can create awareness, participate in trending dialogue and give supporters a simple call-to-action. Combine hashtags with shortened links to your MobileCause donation form for optimized fundraising strategy.

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