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Heidi Moore reports for Mashable on Finland’s plan to do away with poverty and creating financial stability in their country by providing its citizen regular checks every month.  Ms Moore is a Business Editor at Mashable covering media, startups, advertising, careers and Social Good. She was previously a finance and economics editor at the Guardian, New York bureau chief and Wall Street correspondent at Marketplace Radio and a financial reporter at the Wall Street Journal.

Finland plans to pay everyone in the country $876 a month

recurring donations

Heidi Moore | Mashable | 12/5/15

Imagine this: as you’re worried about how to pay bills and make your rent, you get a check from the government for $876. Every month. That’s what Finland is doing. The Nordic nation is getting closer this month to finalizing a solution to poverty: paying each of its 5.4 million people $876 tax-free a month — and in return, it will do away with welfare benefits, unemployment lines, and the other bureaucracy of its extensive social safety net. The concept, called basic income, has been a popular source of debate among academics and economists for decades, though Finland would be the first nation in the European Union — and the first major nation anywhere — to actually implement the idea on a universal basis.


Provide Long-term Financial Stability With Recurring Donations

In an effort to eradicate poverty through a recurring income payment, Finland’s government is promising it’s citizens a regular and guaranteed source of income. Similarly, nonprofits can leverage recurring donations to ensure their budgets are adequately sustained by a steady flow of revenue they can regularly count on.

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recurring donations

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Enjoying The Win-Win Benefits Of Recurring Donations

Recurring donations work with any size contribution giving those who can’t afford to make a large one-time gift to your org the option of making many smaller recurring donations throughout the year without having to remember to do so. In reality, smaller recurring gift amounts add up to larger donations than the average one-time gift.

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