Bryant Garvin recently wrote an article at Search Engine Journal that gives insight on the difficulties on converting mobile users and some tips on how to convert them better. Bryant has been in the online marketing industry for over 10 years working with large brands like Comfort Inn & TopTenReviews. Search Engine Journal spotlights the important internet marketing trends from online marketing experts.

3 Things You Can Do Today to Increase Mobile Conversions

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By Bryant Garvin | Search Engine Journal | 8/06/15

Do your mobile conversion rates suck?
What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way? There are a few simple steps that could quickly improve your mobile conversions. These are things your developer (or you, potentially) could implement today and see an improvement by tomorrow.


Can Your Nonprofit Increase Mobile Donations?

If your organization wants to improve how to convert mobile visitors to your website into donors, volunteers or members, the first step is to check if your your website is mobile responsive so it can be viewed correctly in different screen sizes. You can easily check this by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Research shows that most people are researching nonprofit websites, watching videos and making credit/debit donations right from their phones, which means if your website and donation pages are not mobile optimized, you are not reaching all of your potential donors. If your website is indeed mobile ready, then you are on the right track, but still need to take a few more steps to increase mobile donations for your cause.

3 Things Your Nonprofit Can Do To Increase Mobile Donations

#1 Put labels for your form fields above the corresponding input box so donors know exactly what they need to fill out.

This one simple thing can make the difference between someone continuing to fill out your online form or leaving all together.  The Boy Scouts of America’s MobileCause donation form does a great job of this:

increase mobile donations

#2 Simplify credit card and phone number entry with a numeric keypad
Mobile devices have a few different keypads that pop up when a form is being filled out.  The standard keyboard can make it difficult to input numbers, especially when you have to switch between keyboards to use either numbers or letters for your submission.

increase mobile donations

The keys are also small and the keypad has irrelevant symbols and characters that are not required for inputing a phone number or a credit card. Choose instead to have a form that show only the telephone keyboard view. It can’t get any easier than using this nice big numeric keyboard below to enter your phone or credit card number.

increase mobile donations

Also, your MobileCause donation forms are SSL security certified so your donors have the added option to “Scan Credit Card” on IOS devices.

#3 Use the right keyboard so donors can easily enter their email addresses

Making donors switch between keyboards increases the chances they will abandon your site without first giving to your cause. The MobileCause online form uses an easy keyboard option that brings up the @ symbol with the “dot” on the same screen so donors stay on your site and complete their donation.

increase mobile donations

Supercharge your mission with a mobile-friendly online forms that make it easy for donors to understand, fill out and submit donations to your cause.

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