Chris Cillizza, writing for the Washington Post asks political experts from both sides of the aisle to weigh in on The New Yorker piece about whether polling is good or bad for society?  A frequent guest speaker on news programs covering politics, Mr. Cillizza writes a blog on politics, as well as cover the White House for the Washington Post newspaper and website.

Polling: Good, evil or somewhere in between?


Chris Cillizza | Washington Post | 11/11/15

The New Yorker’s Jill Lepore has a deep dive into the world of polling in the latest edition of the magazine. The piece asks a very pointed question: Is polling a good thing for us as a society?  Her argument goes like this: There are ever more polls to tell us what we think about, well, everything, even as the polling industry faces challenges from all sides due to low response rates and a move away from landlines — among other things. 



Mobile Can Improve Response Rates for Donor Surveys

The  country’s biggest pollsters have been facing the challenge of low response rates resulting from a number of factors including people moving away from using landlines.  In order to improve the value of their political opinion-taking, they’ve begun to turn to other methods of reaching the public, like digital surveys and mobile outreach.

Mobile-friendly donor surveys provide your nonprofit the most effective way to measure what your donors are thinking by allowing you to conveniently reach them to ask for feedback from any device. Whether you want to know whey they support your cause or what they feel you could be doing better, to understanding more about their demographics, you can customize form fields to capture whatever data you’re looking for with text boxes, drop-down menus, checkboxes and more. Keywords and shortlinks to your donor surveys can be embedded on your website or used on their own, with real-time data capture that can be integrated with your CRM.

Mobile-friendly donor surveys can provide invaluable information that can be analyzed and leveraged to improve your organization’s operations, communications, fundraising and overall relationship with each and every one of your donors.

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