Writing the In Brief post today for artnet News, Alyssa Buffenstein reports on the art exhibition “Instagrammers for Nepal”, a fundraising exhibition for Nepal earthquake relief.  A regular contributor to artnet News, Alyssa is also a student at New York University.  artnet News is the world’s first dedicated 24-hour global art market newswire.

“Instagrammers for Nepal” Raise Money for Earthquake Survivors Through Photography Exhibition


By Alyssa Buffenstein|atnet NEWS | 6/11/15

This weekend, an Instagram meet-up group will do something much more globally-conscious than discussing frames and filters. “Instagrammers for Nepal” is a fundraising exhibition consisting of donated Instagram photos, with all proceeds benefiting the Nepal Youth Foundation, the South China Morning Post reports.

The exhibition is spearheaded by art director and InstaMeet group organizer Elaine Li, whose Nepalese boyfriend was in Kathmandu when the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit, on April 25.

The photographs in the show come from 18 of Li’s global network of InstaFriends. They were largely taken on smartphones and were all originally posted on the photo-sharing platform. The images depict scenes of Nepal’s rich and colorful life, culture, and scenery.


Instagram for Nonprofits Creates Impact

For Elaine Li, organizer and art director, the “Instagrammers for Nepal”, the exhibition fundraising event was a great way to honor a country she loved and help a community in need after April’s devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Li’s own boyfriend, a native of Nepal, was in Kathmandu when the quake hit.

The exhibition will feature photos donated by Instagram users to benefit the nonprofit, Nepal Youth Organization, which helps Nepalese children receive education and healthcare. After the quake they also began providing disaster relief response to aid victims.  Taken primarily on smartphones, the exhibit’s photos paint a rich and colorful portrait of Nepal’s life, culture and scenery and will inspire art lovers and other supporters to help Nepal Youth Organization fulfill its mission.

A Window Into the Heart and Soul of Your Organization

As a visual medium, using Instagram for nonprofits requires you to think creatively about how to use pictures and not just words to tell your story.  Try capturing moments have significant meaning to your organization’s mission and to your supporters.  Then add short captions to provide important information that will make the picture mean even more.

For example, providing your supporters behind-the-scenes access to the good work accomplished through their donations by showing the results of your organization’s efforts.  Capture volunteers in action out in the field with donors themselves, making a difference.  Or the exciting moment when the fundraising thermometer at your event displayed the donation and donor name that put your fundraiser over the top can be very exciting and worth sharing.

Creating a Social Call To Action

You’ll also be able to connect Instagram to your nonprofits’ Facebook and Twitter accounts to take full advantage of social media to spread the word about your cause.  Going back to the thermometer at your fundraiser… real-time donation recognition with on-screen results displayed at your event can increase donation on average 25%.  By capturing and immediately posting those exciting moments of giving, you are extending the reach for your fundraiser to the people sharing in that moment on their smartphones, and potentially donating to your cause.

The best way to use Instagram for nonprofits is to maintain consistency, which is the key to keeping your audience engaged on social media,  Make sure you are posting your organization’s photos and videos regularly and that you ask your donors to repost their favorites to their Instagram and other social media networks. If you haven’t signed up for Instagram yet, don’t worry, they offer easy to follow instructions on their Instagram Help Center page.

Powerful images and videos are a great use of Instagram for nonprofits to capture donors’ attention, and encourage loyalty with repeat giving.

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