The Social Media Examiner’s Ana Gotter found 6 great tips that businesses can use to improve their Instagram marketing efforts this holiday season. Ms. Gotter is blogger, writer, and content marketing specialist.

6 Holiday Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses

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Ana Gotter | Social Media Examiner | 11/25/15

Is your business on Instagram?

Looking for ways to stand out this holiday season?

There are simple tactics you can use to grab attention and increase engagement with holiday shoppers on Instagram.

In this article you’ll find six tips to boost your Instagram marketing for the holidays.


Instagram Marketing Tips Are Not Just For Businesses

Just like businesses can utilize Instagram marketing tips to beat out the competition and capture their audience’s attention during the holidays, nonprofit organizations can also benefit from having a list of their own with ways they can use the online mobile photo and video sharing social network to engage donors and increase contributions throughout the giving season.

5 Must-Have Nonprofit Instagram Marketing Tips for the 2015 Giving Season

  1. 1.   Tell your nonprofit’s story through compelling pictures that capture the heart and soul of your mission to attract new supporters looking to share their own holiday spirit by giving to a worthy cause.
  2. 2.   Use your org’s bio in your profile to add a strong call-to-action that includes instructions to text a keyword to a shortcode along with a direct link to your mobile-friendly donation page.
  3. 3.   Share a photo or 15-second video telling supporters how to text your organization’s keyword to make a donation during the 2015 giving season.
  4. 4.   Keep supporters updated and motivated to give by posting photos of your fundraising thermometer during live holiday events.
  5. 5.   Give your donors behind-the-scenes glimpses of what your org has been able to accomplish over the past year thanks to their contributions to motivate them to continue supporting your cause throughout the coming new year.

For more nonprofit Instagram marketing tips check out this great blog post from social media strategist and nonprofit expert, Julia Campbell, a featured speaker on the Crowdfunding Playbook for Maximum Giving installment of our thought leading webinar series designed to help nonprofits to unlock their organization’s fundraising potential. 

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