TEAM Charter Schools (TCS) is creating a network of schools that instills in students the desire and ability to succeed in college in order to change the world. To fund new schools, TCS holds an annual fundraising dinner gala with attendees ranging from a wide variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. The challenge, however, was finding a fundraising option that empowered every single one of the attendees at the event to make any donation they desired, be it big or small. MobileCause interactive giving was the solution.

Interactive Giving Makes Event Fundraising Easy

Interactive giving is a unique way to help boost donations at any level, with a fully customizable interactive display on any screen at an event. TCS integrated MobileCause’s mobile giving and event solutions to create an exciting moment of interactive giving at their fundraising gala. Here’s how it works: at the event, attendees were prompted to take out their mobile phones and text TEAM <space> (dollar amount) <space> (name/personalized message) to 41444. Each pledge was displayed on-screen instantly, making the thermometer rise with every dollar pledged. Each donor’s personalized message added to the excitement right on screen.

Click here to view live thermometer example

Instant Pledge Fulfillment

Attendees were prompted to fulfill their interactive giving gift immediately by clicking the link in the reply text message, which then took them to a mobile-friendly donation form. They could then choose their donation amount and enter their information via MobileCause’s secure donation form. TCS was then able to capture donor names, phone numbers, and emails to build their database for future fundraising events.

Streamlined Donation Follow-Up

To ensure the highest level of pledge fulfillment, donors who did not immediately fulfill their donation received 3 automatic post-event text reminders through MobileCause’s easy-to-use platform, plus a follow-up phone call from TEAM staff. Donors also had the option to fulfill their pledge on-site at the event with a credit card swiper.

Interactive Giving For Schools Summary:

Team Charter Schools implemented MobileCause’s mobile giving and event thermometer to create a compelling interactive giving solution to encourage donations of any size at their fundraising gala.

  • Surpassed original goal of $50,000, raising $51,440 to fund a new school
  • 191 individuals made a donation at the dinner gala
  • Event thermometer created excitement about giving on-screen at the event

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