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In an article for the HuffPost Impact, Krithika Varagur reports on UNICEF’s plan launch an Innovation Fund to invest in open source technologies that help children. UNICEF provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. Ms. Varagur is an Associate Editor at The Huffington Post. HuffPost Impact focuses on worthy causes and inspiring stories, ways people can take action, inspiring stories and features social good experts who share how readers can make an impact.

UNICEF Is Investing $9 Million In Open Source Tech Solutions For Children

“90% of our stuff fails, but that’s okay. We just want it to fail quickly.”

Krithika Varagur | HuffPost Impact | 02/04/16

UNICEF wants to support innovative programs in a way that goes beyond large grants to nonprofits. This week, it launched an Innovation Fund that will invest — venture-capital style — in a number of startups serving children in developing countries. The agency will put $9 million toward early-stage startups that focus on empowering young people with technology and providing real-time data about underserved populations. UNICEF is also looking to invest in startups that provide the necessary tech infrastructure to support these services.

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After extensive research, UNICEF is focusing their efforts on investing in mobile-first technology in order to make a bigger impact in the lives of the children they serve.Through the support of influential corporate and other partners, Innovation Fund investments will make it possible for the organization to put multiple projects into action at the same time.

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