Text JOPLIN to 80888 to give a mobile donation.

One of the most powerful functions of Mobile Giving is the overwhelming immediacy. In the wake of the Joplin tornado disaster, MobileCause & The Salvation Army were able to launch the keyword JOPLIN to help disaster victims throughout Joplin & Jasper County.

Many times when a disaster occurs a feeling of helplessness arises. Victims and members of the surrounding communities can feel powerless in it’s wake. Any action a victim can take during this time can provide an invaluable sense of empowerment in the face of devastation.

Mobile giving offers people a chance to provide immediate hope in desperate situations. Because of sophisticated technology, a high level of media attention and the endless compassion of the American people, hundreds of thousands of dollars can be raised quickly. At MobileCause, we are proud to provide service to some of our nation’s leading disaster relief providers.

That is why it is imperative to us to be the nation’s leader in efficiency and impact in the Mobile Fundraising sector. Just a year ago Nonprofits could wait months for keywords to go live, now keywords are submitted and launched in days, even faster during times of natural disaster*. Payment timelines have also been cut down dramatically, enabling communities to get on their feet faster.

This level of efficiency has been hard earned by many in the Mobile Giving sector. Specifically at MobileCause, we work tirelessly to ensure that Nonprofits are able to move quickly to provide help to those in need.

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Daniel ScalisiBy Daniel Scalisi, Founder/ EVP Sales & Market Development

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