Colleges and universities across the country depend on donations from alumni to continue offering students high-quality programs. From new campus building projects to scholarship funds, many initiatives wouldn’t be possible without the support of former graduates. Mobile fundraising gives academic institutions an effective, donor-friendly way to collect contributions from alumni. Additionally, smartphone and social media technologies enable organizations to interact with alumni and evoke the fond memories.

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Mobile and Social Media can Supercharge Alumni Fundraising

It used to be difficult to keep track of graduates after they left a school and went out into the world. However, mobile and social media makes it easier than ever before to not only keep in touch with alumni, but view their interests as well. Potential donors will come from diverse backgrounds and may want to fund varying initiatives at their alma maters. Facebook and LinkedIn enable universities to specifically target alumni with donation opportunities they are most likely to support.

Social Media is Highly Integrated with Mobile Use

According to United Social (check out there great infographic), mobile users share social media content twice as frequently as desktop users. In fact, sharing content takes up 7.7 percent of the time smartphone users spend on social media. This opens the potential for increased levels of peer to peer fundraising. Mobile fundraising empowers alumni to easily share fundraising campaigns, which expands institutions’ reach to other alumni. As mobile and social become increasingly linked, social networking and mobile fundraising strategies are increasingly important.

Use Mobile Giving to Boost the Effectiveness of Alumni Events

With MobileCause, it’s never been easier to incorporate fundraising into alumni association events. By using a fundraising thermometer (see below), colleges and universities can spur mobile donations into high gear. In addition to receiving a higher number of donations, you can grow your donor database through a mobile subscription form. Smart data records allows you to verify mobile numbers and append contact information, gender, ethnicity and income status – making it easier to target specific donors. Having an accurate mobile number to contact users through text message is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with alumni, and this channel is more personal than direct mail and email.

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Sean Macneill
Sean MacNeill, MobileCause CEO

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