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Anya Kamenetz took an in-depth look at how K12 schools are using surveys to gain a deeper understanding of their students’ state of mind including 9 of the CORE school districts in California.  Ms. Kamenetz is NPR’s lead education blogger and author of several books on the future of education.

To Measure What Tests Can’t, Some Schools Turn To Surveys

k12 mobile-friendly surveys

By Anya Kamenetz | NPR | 12/02/15

Last year, Susan Avey, the principal of Bogle Junior High School in Chandler, Ariz., had a heart-to-heart with one of her new teachers about how he was relating to students. In a previous year, this might have been a conversation based on subjective impressions. The teacher might have gotten defensive. But this year, Avey had a new tool up her sleeve: a survey of her students. Drilling down into the results, they found that the teacher’s relationships with girls, specifically, were weaker than those with the boys. The teacher was also a coach, and it turned out he liked to use a lot of sports analogies in class. Maybe that habit was missing the mark with non-sports enthusiasts? This little data-driven aha moment is happening more often at schools around the country.


K12 Mobile-friendly Surveys Can Help Schools Gain A Deeper Understanding

Rather than only depending on only test scores, the CORE school districts are using student surveys to uncover the underlying reasons why some are succeeding while others are struggling or failing. The surveys provide CORE with an understanding they use to make better decisions for the students well-being.

Your K12 organization can also utilize surveys to gain a deep understanding of not only your students, but teachers, parents, and benefactors as well. By making them mobile-friendly, you’re making it even easier for people to participate.  A keyword can be set up to trigger K12 mobile-friendly surveys when participants use them to reply via their mobile phones. K12 mobile-friendly surveys capture data in real-time allowing you to quickly analyze their responses and make changes or improvements based on what you learn.

Gain a deeper understanding from more of your constituents about what matters most to them with K12 mobile-friendly surveys that can be sent to participants via email or text message and which can increase submissions by 38%.

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