Goodwill Industries helps people with barriers to employment learn the skills to find competitive employment. They have teamed with Kristian Bush, half of country music’s Grammy winning duo Sugarland, in his new “Trailer Hitch” music video.

Goodwill and Sugarland’s Kristian Bush Partner to “Give It Away”

By Charlene Sarmiento | Goodwill Blog | 10/27/2014

Kristian Bush will join Goodwill in encouraging music fans to donate clothing, electronics and small household goods in their communities, and reminding them that the revenue from the sale of these donations goes directly to help find employment for people with disabilities, disadvantages, or anyone facing challenges. It’s a partnership inspired by the message of Bush’s debut solo single, the Top 40-and-climbing hit “Trailer Hitch,” which reminds us that we collect so many things that we don’t need, and we can’t take it with us when we go… so why not “give it away”?

Kristian BushGoodwill and Kristian Bush announced their partnership in October of 2014, but just recently released the catchy and playfully branded music video to Bush’s hit song, “Trailer Hitch.” From the lyrics to the video concept, it’s the perfect symbiotic partnership to showcase Goodwill Industries.

The call-to-action is subtly conveyed as a Goodwill employee cranks up the radio after hours inside a Goodwill store and rocks out to the song. Donations become props that transform him into his own rockstar. Musical instruments and racks of donated clothing never looked like so much fun!

Partnering with a celebrity or public figure is a great way for nonprofit organizations to reach a new and much broader audience.

Celebrities with a personal connection to the work your cause is already doing makes for a natural fit. Do you have a fundraising event coming up? Don’t be afraid to reach out to local public figures, internet personalities and big celebrities – it’s worth the exposure you will both end up benefiting from.

Tip: Remember to mutually share via social media about their involvement to increase awareness.

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