Cosmopolitan Venture to Practice Safe Sun and Fight Melanoma

Cause: The Melanoma Research Foundation is committed to the support of medical research in finding effective treatments and eventually a cure for melanoma, the MRF also educates patients and physicians about prevention, diagnosis and the treatment of melanoma.

Opportunity: The nonprofit was approached by Cosmopolitan Magazine with an offer to run a full page ad during the summer season to raise awareness for melanoma prevention, treatment and research.

Problem: MRF wanted to use the Cosmo/Safe Sun venture to not only increase melanoma awareness, but also to build relationships with new supporters and acquire new donors. MRF recognized that while readers would often be away from a computer they would almost never be away from a mobile phone.  They needed a new method of cultivating donors to effectively utilize the magazine opportunity.

Solution: MobileCause recommended that MRF incentivize Cosmopolitan readers to receive one ‘sun-safe’ bracelet if they made a $10 text donation or three ‘sun-safe’ bracelets if they made a $25 text donation. Readers could text “MRF(space)10” or “MRF(space)25” to make a donation. Supporters then received an immediate SMS with instructions to text the their full name and the address where the bracelet(s) could be sent. The following day the donor was contacted by the MobileCause call center, with script branded as Melanoma Research Foundation, to fulfill their pledge. Media coverage at the Cosmo Practice Safe Sun Awards helped to popularize the bracelets, where many supporters and celebrities sported the trendy wrist wear in support of MRF.  The ad campaign resulted in 2412 new donors and raised $8105 in text donations. Additionally, MRF received full donor data from 576 supporters to be used for future fundraising campaigns.


Cosmo Text to Donate Highlights

-Magazine ad readers were effectively incentivized to make text donations resulting in $8105 dollars in additional revenues for MRF awareness.
-576 supporters provided full donor information for future MRF fundraising.

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Jeremy KoenigBy Jeremy Koenig, Head of Marketing

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