In his latest article on Venture Beat, Paul Sawers reports on Microsoft’s Windows 10 launch and their “upgrade your world” program. Paul Sawers is a London-based technology journalist at VentureBeat. Mr. Sawers covers news, startups and all-things tech from around the world.

Microsoft marks Windows 10 launch with $10M donation to nonprofits for ‘upgrade the world’ program

By Paul Sawers | VentureBeat| 7/13/15

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With the Windows 10 launch a matter of weeks away now, Microsoft is ramping up its efforts to raise awareness of the upcoming upgrade.

The company has announced that a new TV and digital advertising campaign will be kicking off on July 20 in the U.S. and July 29 globally, as Microsoft looks to “highlight how Windows 10 delivers a more human way to do.” But the software giant is also going on a year-long charm offensive with a new program “celebrating people and organizations who upgrade the world every day.”

With Upgrade Your World, Microsoft is teaming up with 10 global not-for-profit organizations, and an additional 100 local bodies, to donate $10 million in cash “in support of their missions and to promote awareness of their causes,” the company said in a press release.


Microsoft Donation for Nonprofits Who Upgrade The World

Microsoft is launching their new operating system Windows 10 on July 29th, and to mark the momentous occasion they have decided to celebrate inspirational nonprofit organizations who exemplify the theme of their launch program,”Upgrade Your World“.

In addition to encouraging their employees to take the day off so they can volunteer to upgrade their communities, the program includes a sizable $10 million Microsoft donation for nonprofits doing their part to upgrade the world:

  • $500,000 to each of 10 global nonprofit organizations
  • $50,000 to each of 100 local nonprofit organizations

So far, the corporate giant has decided on 9 of the 10 global organizations and 90 of the 100 local orgs who will receive the Microsoft donation for nonprofits.  For the remainder, starting July 29th, the company will allow the public to decide who should get the remaining gifts.

microsoft donation for nonprofits

Spread the Word For Your Chance To Be Nominated

Your current donor list can be a valuable source for nominations for your organization.  In order to have a chance at receiving the last Microsoft donation for nonprofits, you must reach out to as many supporters as possible to make sure they know about the program and that they nominate your organization. Here are some of the ways that you can connect to your donors to improve your chances:

  • Update your website with information on the Upgrade Your World program with information about the good your organization could do with the Microsoft donation for nonprofits.
  • Send emails with a bitly shortlink that you can track to count how many of your supporters are clicking through to the Upgrade Your World nomination site.
  • If you haven’t yet sent out your newsletter, include information about the program and ask your supporters for a nomination.
  • Post reminders on social media so your network of followers can nominate your org.
  • The end of July is the height of the summer season, so an effective way to reach your supporters will be with mobile communications.  Whether they are hard at work or away on vacation, your donors will always have their mobile phones close at hand. With MobileCause, you can easily send text messages to remind your donors and keep them aware and motivated right up to the date when they need to nominate you to Microsoft.

Think about it, the more people you can reach to let them know about Microsoft’s Upgrade Your World campaign, the more nominations your organization will receive and the close your nonprofit can get to the $500,000.

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