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Peter Shankman broke down the steps your organization should avoid in his latest post on how to ruin a fundraising event. Shankman is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, and worldwide connector that has been recognized worldwide for radically new ways of thinking about Customer Service, Social Media, PR, marketing and advertising.

How To Ruin Your Fundraising Event In Five Easy Steps

mistakes at fundraising events

By Peter Shankman | 7/14/15

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with some close friends who are “year-rounders.” I.e., they don’t go to the Hamptons from Memorial Day to Labor Day to stay drunk, rather, they live out there all-year, in a beautiful town and a gorgeous home.

As part of the weekend with them, I joined them at a fund-raiser for a wonderful charity. I won’t name it here, because I’m about to go off on all the things the fundraiser did wrong. Suffice it to say, the charity could have pulled in a lot more money had they simply done a few things differently.

1. Don’t have anywhere near enough people to work check-in.

2. Don’t care the slightest about time.

3. Don’t pay any attention to your audience, and use technology no one understands.

4. Speak for as long as you want, and invite multiple people on stage to tell rambling stories for at least a half hour.

5. Make sure you tell any silent auction winners that they’ve won – but don’t tell them how to claim their prize!


Bad Mistakes At Fundraising Events (& How to Get It Right The First Time)

Mr. Shankman points out that because of all the mistakes that it made, the fundraising event he attended lost out on donations. While controlling everything about your event is impossible, many obstacles can be avoided by using a mobile fundraising & communications platform to give your organization the best chance for success.

Start by making sure you have enough help to ensure that your event goes smoothly with a mobile-friendly volunteer sign-up form that you can customize to ask questions about availability and skills. You can also make it easy for supporters to register and buy tickets for your event with mobile-friendly registration forms that you can promote via text, email, direct mail and social media. Text messages will also help you stay in touch with registrants before, during and after your event.

You can even plan ahead for no-shows with text-to-donate keywords that can be sent out in advance to all registrants to ensure that even if someone can’t make it to your event, they can still easily donate to your cause.

Check out the fundraising event ideas to help you get it right every time you hold a fundraising event for your organization.

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