An ITV REPORT article for ITV News, how UK supermarket, Tesco is using a mobile app to alert food banks and other charities of fresh food they have available to giveaway instead of throwing it away. ITV is a commercial TV network operating in England, Wales, southern Scotland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Tesco to give unsold food to charities rather than throw away

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ITV REPORT | ITV | 6/4/15

Tesco has begun trialling a scheme to give away unsold food at the end of the day to charities such as homeless hostels and children’s breakfast clubs. Last year, the supermarket giant threw away 55,400 tonnes of food, of which 30,000 tonnes could otherwise have been eaten, it revealed.  A mobile app will allow store managers to alert charities to the amount of surplus food they have at the end of each day.


Mobile App Making a Difference

The program covered in the ITV article is an excellent example of how nonprofits can use mobile technology to creatively support their worthy causes.  By making it possible for Tesco store managers to alert charities about food surpluses available at the end of each day, the mobile app provides organizations that feed their beneficiaries as part of their mission, the essential resources they need.

Waste Not Want Not

The mobile app will help to solve the problems of not just the U.K. charities, but also the supermarket chain participating in the program, which had a desperate need to cut down on waste. Tesco revealed that last year alone they threw away 121,254 pounds of fresh food items like bakery goods, fresh fruit and vegetables along with pre-packaged sandwiches and salads.

After the Tesco store managers send out text messages with the list of available surplus foods, the charities respond that they want the food and make arrangements to pick it up.  Nothing goes to waste.

Make Mobile Work for You Too

Your organization should be taking advantage of mobile technology for its charitable giving campaigns.  For example, text messages have 99% open rates and 90% are read within three minutes. By adopting a mobile app solution, your supporters will be able to easily subscribe to receive updates from you on their phones simply by texting a keyword or entering their phone number into a form on your website.

Mobile app messaging is inexpensive, will save you time, and is easy to implement.

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