In his recent article from The Independent, Jon Stone reports on the the Swedish blood service that is sending text messages to their donors when that donors blood is used to help someone in need. Jon mainly covers politics for The Independent and also has worked for major publications such as PoliticsHome, Buzzfeed and others.  The Independent contains the latest news from the UK and the World.

Blood donors in Sweden get a text message whenever their blood saves someone’s life

Mobile communication used to notify donors.

Mobile communication used by Sweden Blood Service to notify donors that their contribution is being used to save lives.

By Jon Stone | The Independent | 6/10/15

The Swedish blood donation service is using technology to keep stocks up.

With blood donation rates in decline all over the developed world, Sweden’s blood service is enlisting new technology to help push back against shortages.

One new initiative, where donors are sent automatic text messages telling them when their blood has actually been used, has caught the public eye.

People who donate initially receive a ‘thank you’ text when they give blood, but they get another message when their blood makes it into somebody else’s veins.


Mobile Communication Pumps Up Donations

Around the world blood donations have decreased significantly. So a Swedish blood service has decided to integrate new mobile communication technology to prevent shortages and increase donations. This new initiative notifies the blood donor every time their blood is used. This gives the donor a great feeling of appreciation for making their donation and encourages them to give again.

The easiest and most efficient way to communicate with donors, staff, volunteers and supporters is through their mobile device. Mobile phones are our most ubiquitous and personal device and most people have them, or are on them for a majority of their day.

Reaching New and Younger Donors

85% of young adults are smartphone users.  They are are accustomed to using their phones to purchase movie tickets, check out the latest celebrity gossip, take pictures then post them on social media, pretty much everything they would otherwise do on a computer, even getting information about their health.  With an open rate for mobile messaging at 99%, it made mobile communications a very effective tactic for the Swedish blood service to reach out to younger donors.

It’s also been a big hit on social media generating awareness with the young audience about donating blood. This combination of mobile communication and social media will help increase blood donations from them to help future supply.

Mobile Communication For Repeat Giving

Whether it’s blood, money or needed goods, most people who have donated to your cause in the past, will be open to doing it again, provided they had a positive experience with your organization.   Mobile messaging allows you stay connect to those donors in a very personal way. “We get a lot of visibility in social media and traditional media thanks to mobile messaging,” stated Karolina Blom Wiberg, a communications manager at the Stockholm blood service. “Above all we believe it makes our donors come back to us, and donate again.”

Did you know that the average recurring giver gives twice as much annually as a one time donor?  With mobile communications, you can promote a mobile responsive donation page over email, text and social media to make it easy as possible for donors to set up recurring gifts on their smartphone.

Mobile communications help nonprofit organizations keep donors, supporters and staff engaged with a 99% open rate. 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes.

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