Hampden DuBose Academy (HDA) is a Central Florida private school providing high quality Christian education for over 80 years. HDA cares for each student and they work to challenge and grow the character of a child by working their heart, soul, mind and body. The school was looking for a way to unite students, parents, teachers and staff communications in a way that would keep everyone up to date about the latest happenings. Enter mobile communication for schools.

MobileCause Mobile Communication For Schools

Mobile Communication For Schools Keeps Everyone Up To Date

Text messaging has a 99% open rate across demographics, with 90% of messages read in the first 3 minutes, making mobile communication for schools the perfect solution for HDA to implement across campus. With MobileCause’s easy-to-use platform, the HDA staff is able to set up and send messages in minutes, which is a huge time saver for faculty. Every week, the staff compiles multiple messages to ensure important details about classes, programs, and events are received.

Text messages don’t have to just contain text. Mobile communications for schools and any other organizations can also contain links to compelling videos, image galleries, social media channels, sign-up forms and more! This gives subscribers a sense of involvement with the school, encouraging pride and community across campus.

Mobile Communication For Schools - MobileCause
HDA Mobile Communication Online Sign-Up
HDA Mobile Communication Online Sign-Up

Instant, Keyword-Driven Sign-Up

In order to build their list of mobile subscribers, HDA uploaded a list of student and parent phone numbers that they had on file from student registration. From there, MobileCause ran the 362 phone numbers uploaded and confirmed that 342 of them (94%) were mobile, which enabled HDA to manually subscribe them to the list. In addition to this, HDA promoted their new “Campus Text Messaging” program across social media, encouraging parents, students, and staff to sign up straight from their device by texting LIONS to 51555.

Keeping the keyword short is key, as it allows users to avoid autocorrect. The word should also relate to your organization’s mission, mascot, or name in some way. HDA also implemented a MobileCause online form right on their school website so people could subscribe to the mobile communications for schools list online as well.

In addition to an evergreen list, mobile communications can be segmented into lists for teams, clubs, trips, classes, and more.

Mobile communications for schools live sign-up page

HDA Mobile Communication Online Sign-Up

Mobile Communications For Schools Summary

Hampden DuBose Academy was able to streamline and grow their contact database using MobileCause’s mobile communication for schools in order to unite campus communications with:


  • 690 mobile subscribers
  • 25K+ text message updates sent
  • Easy, streamlined way to encourage parents, staff, and students to stay up-to-date with campus happenings

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