Every year, sororities and fraternities across the country raise millions for a variety of causes, from the fight against domestic abuse to cancer research. Whether Greek organizations are fundraising for their national philanthropies, partnering with other houses to make an annual contribution or are participating in a campus-wide initiative, they need to collect gifts in a way that is original, donor-friendly and effective. Mobile fundraising is just that.


Millennials are mobile

According to the Pew Research Center, 98 percent of U.S. adults ages 18 to 29 own a cellphone, and 83 percent use a smartphone. This demographic is incredibly tech-savvy, and mobile gadgets play a major role in their everyday lives. So, when it comes to fundraising ideas for college, mobile doesn’t just make sense – it’s the best option.

Mobile + social = A recipe for success

In addition to being mobile-centric, millennials – and especially Greek ones – thrive on social media. National Panhellenic organizations and local chapters use Facebook, Twitter and other networks to connect with their members, who use these platforms to spread the word about causes they support. Mobile fundraising connects social networking with smartphone activity, making donations easy to ask for, give and accept. Greek Life members can easily create individual, personalized pages. Giving women and men the opportunity to make their own pages allows them to connect with causes on a more personal level and strengthen their commitment to fundraising.

Get the most out of your philanthropy event

Because philanthropy is at the heart of nearly all Greek organizations, members take pride in being able to contribute large amounts to charities they care about. Fraternity and sorority chapters can set up Mobile Pledging pages for philanthropy events or projects while displaying live results on our Fundraising Thermometer. This increases excitement and participation in real time, giving the opportunity for those to donate on the spot and see it displayed for everyone to see.

Spread the word about mobile fundraising for sorority and fraternities

Personalized peer to peer mobile donation pages and keywords, that are easily shared across social-text-email, help sororities and fraternities reach goals and reinforce its commitment to community involvement.

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