For the Daily Mirror, Kelly Ann-Mills covers the yearly Teddy Bear Toss, which took place at a recent Calgary Hitmen hockey game and which netted over 28,000 stuffed animals for charity.  Ms. Ann-Mills is an E-edition Editor at the Daily Mirror, a Journalist, and Photographer.

Watch brilliant moment ice hockey fans throw over 28,000 teddy bears at players for charity

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Kelly Ann-Mills | Mirror | 12/9/15

It was raining teddy bear confetti as the fans aimed to beat their record at the annual Teddy Bear Toss at the game on Sunday night. This unusual sight stopped a professional ice hockey game for more than half an hour as fans threw 28,815 teddy bears onto the rink. The Calgary Hitmen have held the event every year since 1995 when they collected 1,323 bears. All the stuffed toys get taken to around 50 children’s charities in the area.


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