Sam Levine covered several astounding governmental and scholarly research results that prove mobile messaging and personalization improve response rates. Levine is the Associate Politics Editor for the Huffington Post, a leading destination for news, blogs and original content.

Want To Get More Students To Go To College? Text Them.

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By Sam Levine | Huffington Post | 9/18/15

Each summer, 20 to 30 percent of students in urban areas who have accepted a spot at a college fail to attend simply because they do not fill out forms or complete other administrative tasks, researchers have found. But simply sending students text messages with reminders, researchers discovered, boosted college enrollment by 3.1 percentage points overall and 8.6 percent among low-income students.

“I think what really differentiates text messaging is that at least for a moment in time … our phone will chirp, it will vibrate, we’ll look at it and for that moment, the text stands out on its own. That’s also unlike an email inbox or a Facebook newsfeed where there’s a lot of content,” said Castleman

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Mobile Messaging That Works For Your Nonprofit

2014 was the tipping point into a mobile-centric world. Mobile fundraising. Mobile messaging. Mobile apps. Mobile everything.

Now, the most effective way to communicate with your supporters, volunteers and donors is through text messages, which, as the article points out, differentiates itself from other communication forms, because we tend to pay attention to each individual one that chirps or vibrates its way into our attention span.

MobileCause has integrated automatic donation reminders into your fundraising and mobile messaging that works strategy. If a supporter pledges a donation by texting your fundraising keyword–but does not complete their donation–a series of three reminders that include the link to your donation form are sent via text message over the course of a week.

Donation fulfillment rates jump to 83% when reminders are sent.

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