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Smart Data

Add intelligence to your donor records with mobile number validation and appended demographics. Appended data can include address, gender, ethnicity, and income status.

Mobile number is the communication anchor that keeps organizations connected to donors from decade to decade. 95.5% of US adults have a mobile phone of which 81% have a smartphone. Additionally, more than half of US residents do not use landlines in their home and 14% change their mailing address every year. Smart data records help you identify mobile numbers so that you can engage them with effective mobile communication. Request demo

Mobile Number Validation Smartphone
Mobile Number Validation Landline

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Be Strategic About Your Donors

Accurate wealth indicators empower fundraisers to make strategic decisions about who to ask for donations and how much. Accurate demographic information helps organizations tailor marketing and communications based on gender and ethnicity. Appended demographic information comes from public records. Your donor data will never be shared or sold. Appended data is compiled from third party public records to help fundraisers. You provide your list of phone numbers and we return to you a CSV with appended fields.

wealth indicators

MobileCause understands the sensitivity of managing our donors. They provide solutions consistent with our need to respect and protect the relationship with them. With MobileCause we can do everything from fundraise to simply stay in touch with donors.

Carla Robinson

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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