For the second consecutive year Bet Tzedek, a leading nonprofit legal services agency and network of philanthropic lawyers, partnered with MobileCause to increase fundraising revenues with a mobile pledging dinner gala. MobileCause professional services for planning and strategy were implemented both years.

Year After Year Mobile Pledging Dinner Gala


  • 3 hours of pre-event strategy consulting
  • 1 hour of post-event data management and fulfillment consulting
  • Clear on-screen and table top mobile pledging instructions
  • Well timed and rehearsed call to action


Mobile Pledging Dinner Gala Statistics

Bet Tzedek Dinner Gala            2011                2012
Event Attendance                   1050                 1100

Audience Participation          7%                    17%
Total Mobile Pledges             70 pledges    187 pledges
Revenue Fulfillment Rate      85%                88%

Total Donated                         $16,327          $48,092
Smallest Gift                            $5                    $25

Largest Gift                              $3600             $2500
Average Gift                             $200               $276


Mobile Pledging Dinner Gala Event Analysis

1—Forward thinking nonprofit organizations that use Mobile Pledging year after year at fundraising events will see increased revenues because audiences are more accustomed to the new form of giving.

2—Effective pre and post consulting are essential in reaching fundraising goals with mobile.

3—As mobile devices continue to become more and more a part of everyday lives, organizations that consistently use mobile fundraising and communication tools will see increased levels of revenues and involvement.

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Daniel ScalisiBy Daniel Scalisi, Founder/ EVP Sales & Market Development

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