Mobile Social Advocacy

1—Grow Constituent Base

Build TCPA compliant messaging lists by 1—uploading spreadsheets of constituent numbers 2—instructing supporters to text a keyword 3—having visitors enter their number on an online form.


2—Build Relationships

Receive feedback from constituents by sending mobile message links to polls and surveys.

3—Increase Volunteerism and Advocacy

Mobilize volunteers and supporters by sending time sensitive mobile messages for advocacy actions and volunteer registrations, times and locations.

4—Educate Constituents

Keep people excited by sending text message links to videos, photos, audio, photos, and social media.


5—Receive Direct Donations
Receive maximum donations in the field and at events with direct donations from mobile devices. Mobile donations have been as large $25,000 and average $167 at events.


6—Receive, Display and Collect Pledges

Motivate virtual and in-person audiences to reach fundraising goals with results, names and messages displayed live on a Fundraising Thermometer. Pledges can be fulfilled mobile direct or by call center. (see 1)


7—Find High-End Donors

Use Smart Data to find potential high-income donors from constituency lists.

8—Empower Passionate & High Profile Supporters

Social Giving enables key constituents to collect donations across text, email, Facebook and Twitter. Donations go securely to organizations.


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