In her article for Hyperallergic, Claire Voon covers the journey of a mobile stoop created by artist Margo Elsayd for The Mobile Community Stoop Project, which is engaging the public by inviting anyone who passes by the stoop to stop and interact, whether its performing music, poetry or telling stories about what matters to them most. Ms. Voon is a staff writer at Hyperallergic has written for New York Magazine, VICE, Gothamist, Artnews, and NYU Local.  She also likes pancakes and portmanteaux. Hyperallergic is a forum for playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture in the world today.

A Mobile Stoop that Builds Community

mobile stoop

By Claire Voon | Hyperallergic | 9/9/15

WASHINGTON, DC — This week, artist Margo Elsayd will push a wooden stoop on wheels around Washington, DC, inviting passersby to sit on it and share stories of all sorts with anyone willing to lend an ear. As a cultural site, the stoop has a history as a place for social gatherings, and Elsayd’s has functioned as a mobile soapbox. During past runs, it has attracted people of all backgrounds who have used it in myriad ways, from a platform to discuss topics such as gentrification to a stage for performing music or spoken word.

The Mobile Community Stoop Project,” which launched on September 2, is part of E12: Social Practice, the 12th iteration of a yearly program for emerging DC artists started by Transformer gallery. Each session focuses on different artistic disciplines, and this year’s centers on artists who incorporate public action and social interventions in their work. Elsayd didn’t intend for the work to be political, but most of the conversations that have occurred on her stoop have related to the city’s changing fabric.


Create Engagement On The Go

As the Mobile Stoop travels from one location to another, it engages people from all walks of life. The belief is that the nostalgic form of communal interaction will inspire people to bring about positive change.

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