Michael Essany’s latest article about Millennials and mobile technology explores the shocking facts around purchases and the most plugged-in generation yet. Essany is the editor at Mobile Marketing Watch, a source for telecommunications business news and analysis.

Millennials Are Highly Mobile, But Not for Shopping … Yet

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By Michael Essany | Mobile Marketing Watch | 7/24/15

A June 2015 study by MocoSpace and Social Lens Research shows that almost two-thirds of U.S. millennial mobile phone users said they did not make purchases on their phones.

While millennials may have the reputation of being more mobile-savvy, they still struggle with some aspects when it comes to shopping,” notes eMarketer. “Thirty five percent polled by MocoSpace and Social Lens Research said they would like to buy more on their phones but that it was too hard. Similarly, in a January 2015 study by Fluent, 36.4 percent of U.S. smartphone users ages 18 to 24 said mobile shopping was only easy some of the time or never easy, as did 38.7 percent of those ages 25 to 44.”

While “relatability” helps build engagement, it’s not the only issue.


Mobile Transactions Will Increase If You Make Them Easier

When it comes to donations, how do you increase mobile transactions? Make giving easy!

Less than 1 in 5 Millennials shop from the internet on their phone. Most even said the shopping or transaction process is “too hard.” Donating to a cause for them is no different.

Mobile-first donation forms make the giving process simple and easy to complete, plus they look great on any device. That’s the experience you want your donors to have!

You can customize the fields on your form to reduce the amount of information required to donate to speed things up for your supporters.

Increase donation amounts by 38% with branded mobile-first forms designed to proportionately fit mobile device screens and look good on desktop computers too.

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