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MobileCause Launches Digital Marketing Services to Help Nonprofits Achieve Fundraising Goals Faster

LOS ANGELES, CA – April 19, 2017 – MobileCause, a leading provider of digital fundraising and communication software for nonprofits, has established a new marketing services team –  Digital Marketing Services – designed to help nonprofit organizations reach their goals faster.

MobileCause offers a full suite of software solutions that manage nonprofits’ fundraising and communication campaigns with ease. However, many organizations still struggle with finding the time, staff and resources to create and launch campaigns. Digital Marketing Services was created to fill that void for customers by leveraging the knowledge and experience of the MobileCause digital marketing team.

The group is led by Christy Noel who is responsible for creating, driving, and delivering programs to help MobileCause customers and partners advance their marketing and fundraising objectives. Christy is a versatile executive with more than 20 years of marketing, communications, and operations experience, as well as her own personal nonprofit experience as a board chair, marketing director and volunteer for local charitable organizations.

“Our goal is to ensure nonprofit organizations are successful with their fundraising and communication campaigns,” said Christy Noel, VP of Digital Marketing Services. “We introduced Digital Marketing Services as a full-service solution to help our customers benefit from everything the MobileCause platform has to offer.”

Kristal Bogle

“We introduced Digital Marketing Services as a full-service solution to help our customers benefit from everything the MobileCause platform has to offer.”

Christy Noel

VP of Digital Marketing Services

Since the launch of Digital Marketing Services earlier this year, MobileCause has already helped more than 200 nonprofit organizations get their campaigns up and running successfully, incorporating mobile-first strategies and best practices like storytelling, fundraising asks, and effective follow-up through the MobileCause platform.

Digital Marketing Services offer several solutions including: Quick Start, Event and Gala Planning, Peer-to-Peer and Crowdfunding Support, Campaign Creation, Brand and Communication Strategy, and CRM and Donor Database Integration.

The launch of Digital Marketing Services comes at a time of increasing acceleration for MobileCause, which received a $15 million investment from Level Equity earlier this year.

To find out more about MobileCause Digital Marketing Services, request a free consultation for your organization at https://www.mobilecause.com/free-consultation.

About MobileCause

MobileCause is a leading provider of mobile and online software for a new generation of fundraising. MobileCause helps charitable and nonprofit organizations reach their goals with a full suite of customizable, mobile-friendly solutions including online forms, fundraising events, crowdfunding, campaign promotion, data management, and credit card processing with zero transaction fees. MobileCause is trusted by thousands of nonprofit organizations including United Way, Salvation Army, American Heart Association, University of Southern California, Habitat for Humanity and many more.

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