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Motivational Text Messages That Inspire Donors to Give

TakePart is a digital news and lifestyle magazine featuring independent journalism on today’s most important, socially relevant topics, alongside a social action platform. As part of their Re-Visionaries series, which highlights people who are passionate, innovative and disruptive and making a difference in their field and community, Tosten Burks profiles Naomi Hirabayashi, Chief Marketing Officer at Shine Text, which sends daily affirmations and messages of positive support to subscribers. Mr. Burks is a contributor for Passion of the Weiss. He has written for The Fader, GOOD, Grantland, and VICE.

Trending Article | Tosten Burks | TakePart | 03/07/2016

Text Message Service Sends Support With Daily Affirmations

motivational text messages

This profile is part of TakePart’s “Re-Visionaries” series, in which we highlight people who are shaking things up—and making a difference—in their field and community.

As the chief marketing officer for DoSomething.org, Naomi Hirabayashi spent the last five years helping millions of young people take social change into their own hands. Her latest project, Shine Text, cofounded by DoSomething.org Director of Mobile Product & Messaging Marah Lidey, aims to offer help to its participants directly. The text message service is designed to send daily affirmations and messages of support to marginalized workers (including women and minorities, to name a couple). To see for yourself, text “SHINE” to 30644.

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Insider Outlook | Cyndy Ufkes | MobileCause Account Executive


Inspire Your Supporters with Motivational Text Messages

Shine’s motto is “A daily text to help you slay the day.” Thier motivational text messages, like the one I received the first day after I signed up to received them, are designed to help subscribers overcome any self-doubts they may have about their performance and careers with daily confidence-boosting affirmations they can look forward to every morning.
motivational text messages

Your organization too can use motivational text messages that your subscribers look forward to getting on a regular basis.  

As a rule, after you’ve thanked a donor for making a donation, instead of immediately asking for more help (as many organizations tend to do), give them what they really want by leveraging the power of mobile communications to show them the impact their gift has made to your cause.  In no time at all, your organization can send motivational text messages to every donor knowing that 90% will be read within 3 minutes.

This type of mobile communication is very effective in engaging donors, especially when you include links to compelling photos and videos that will keep them interested and invested in your mission.

By showing them in a very real way what you are able to accomplish with their contributions you strengthen your relationship, improve retention and motivate them to give again.

Summary: Give your donors something to regularly look forward to with motivational text messages that effectively show them the good that’s being accomplished with their gift and how their continued support will make an even greater positive impact on your cause. 

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