Megan Daley reporting for Entertainment Weekly covers how John Cena, WWE star, was nearly brought to tears in his installment for Entertainment Weekly’s Greatest Story Ever Told video series.  Ms Daley is a writer with EW.com focusing on entertainment news.

John Cena gets emotional while sharing heartfelt story about his mother

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By Megan Daley| EW | 7/22/15

WWE star John Cena shows off his comedic side this summer, acting alongside funny lady Amy Schumer in the blockbuster Trainwreck. But it’s not his time in front of the camera or in the ring that the wrestler shared for EW’s Greatest Story Ever Told video series. Instead, Cena told a tale that was much more personal, which had him fighting back tears and offering up a special “I love you” message to his mother, Carol.

John Cena’s Personal and Emotional Story

In a segment for EW’s Greatest Story Ever Told video series, WWE star, John Cena, captivates the audience with a moving tale of growing up with four brothers and an amazingly patient mother who persevered through all their bad behavior for the sake of her family. His story of thanking her with a house for her 65th birthday ends with Cena sending his mom a tender message of how much he loves her.

In its touching simplicity, Cena’s story moves viewers to tears, especially when they see the 6’ 1’’ professional wrestler, who can bench press over 400 lbs. fighting back tears himself.

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John Cena, and his mom, Carol.

Nonprofit Storytelling Using Emotional Pulls Can Be Very Effective for Your Organization

Nonprofits have long known the power of playing to donors’ emotions during fundraising events. Experienced speakers can pull just the right heart strings during the ask to motivate donors to give more.  However, what happens after your event is over?  How can you keep supporters engaged and motivated?  The answer lies in finding other opportunities to tell your stories using the emotional triggers that will move your audience, even when they are not focused on donating.

Effective Nonprofit Storytelling

The nonprofit Dallas CASA, whose volunteers advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children, helping them to gain safe, permanent homes as quickly as possible, effectively engage visitors to their website with personal stories of children they’ve have helped.

Project Angel Food also leverages the power of nonprofit storytelling to share moving stories of how they are providing more than 10,000 meals every week to people who are too sick to shop and cook for themselves.

By connecting with people on an emotional level these organizations inspire trust and confidence, compelling those hearing, watching or reading the emotional stories to engage with their organization. So too can your impassioned supporters share their feelings about your org with their colleagues, friends and family via email, mobile and social, to make an impact that can increase support, volunteerism and giving for your cause.

Mobile communications can help your nonprofit deliver emotional triggers that will mobilize your supporters to take action and make a positive impact on your organization.

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