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Covering the Dick Clark New Year’s Eve festivities, Brittany Levine Beckman‘s article shows how technology can put anyone in any location around the world right in the middle of Times’ Square as the traditional ball-drop takes place. Mashable is a leading source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation.

Avoid the crowds and live stream the Times Square ball drop on New Year’s Eve instead

new years eve technology

Brittany Levine Beckman | Mashable | 12/31/15

Starting with the ball lighting and raising at 6 p.m. ET, you can tune into New Year’s Eve festivities in Times Square without having to weather the cold nor watch commercials.

This is the seventh time the ball drop has been live streamed, with last year’s webcast netting 1.7 million viewers across 200 countries, according to the Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment.

mobilecause-outlook, new years eve technologyTechnology Instantly Puts Anyone In Any Location in The Middle of The Action

Talk about comfort and convenience! No expensive travel. No cold weather. No crowds. No commercials.

Tonight, live stream technology will put you in the middle of Time’s Square as the ball drops. You’ll be surrounded by friends and family, not the hundreds of thousands in the New York crowd of strangers, as you witness the traditional ball-drop from wherever you happen to be.

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