Cleveland Browns WR Josh Cribbs NFL Text to Give fundraising campaign to support a family in need.


Josh Cribbs has raced for more kick-return touchdowns than any man in NFL history. Cribbs has a reputation for being a genuine “from the heart” NFL star. He is admired across professional sports for his willingness to support and help promote outreach programs.

Zack Randall, 13, tragically died May 25 after a dirt-bike accident. Cribbs became aware of his story shortly before attending a pee-wee baseball game not far from where Zack’s family lives. After being touched by the story, Cribbs reached out to the family to help.

Cribbs used an appearance on ESPN2 (see video below) and his Twitter account (see below) to ask for nfl text to give donations to offset costs of Zack’s funeral and burial. These text donations would supplement outreach fundraisers from Faircrest Memorial Middle School and North Industry Christian Church.




Much legwork for the donation process involving Cribbs was done by Scott Giovanini of Los Angeles, who brought a production crew to film Cribbs interacting with players from Zack’s hometown during a pee-wee baseball game.

Cribbs fans, friends and supporters can text CRIBBS to 85944 to make up to three $5 text donations to support the family in need.

Watch the ESPN2 appearance including the Text to Give call to action.


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Daniel ScalisiBy Daniel Scalisi, Founder/ EVP Sales & Market Development

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