Engage and Inspire Hundreds if not Thousands of Donors

A nonprofit donor care strategy should inspire all donors to keep giving and get more involved. Is it possible to effectively engage and inspire hundreds of working adults, leaders in a community and young people—where each person feels valued, important and an essential part of a mission? Non-profit leaders and philanthropic thinkers around the world are constantly pondering this question. On one hand non-profits must raise their budgets—on the other hand non-profits desire to care about each donor’s particular needs and desires.


In today’s world of junk mail, junk email, pop ups, telemarketing, and auto-pushing facebook and twitter updates—websites are impersonal, snail mail gets tossed in the trash, and emails are skimmed and skipped. In short, impersonal solicitations hurt philanthropic causes. However…there are effective ways to communicate with different demographics of people, personally and intimately, that results in a passionate response.

Goals and Culture Direct Fundraising Strategy

Every non-profit leader must realize that what they need is a donor care strategy that fits the goals and culture of there organization. Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Donors desire to be kept in the loop and enjoy hearing about successes, failures and opportunities of an organization—but they are not willing for their time to be wasted.
  2. Donors need to be valued in terms of their time, energy and resources—not simply the size of their bank account.
  3. Donors monetary value should be measured in terms of their lifetime giving value not any short-term measure.


Integrated Mobile Communication and Fundraising is Now

Mobile phones are the worldwide ubiquitous communication platform of today and tomorrow. Across all demographics 97% of text messages are read and 90% are promptly read. Is your organization responding to this HUGE opportunity?

MobileCause tools and customer support are designed to help you cultivate your donor base and keep them engaged—while effecively raising your budget. Our business development team is dedicated to helping nonprofits integrate mobile technologies into their donor care strategies. Contact us to set up a free consultation. You have a cause—we can help.

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